Vanoise hiking or Tarentaise hiking? What will you be exploring this summer? In La Plagne, summer looks set to be a pleasant one, with some magnificent sunny days. The perfect opportunity to savour the mountains, for a moment of discovery and thrills in unspoilt surroundings. Go hiking in La Plagne, on either the Vanoise or Tarentaise side, to fill your lungs with big gulps of fresh, healthy air far from the noise of the cities. In this hiker's paradise, plunge into picturesque landscapes painted with glaciers, glacial lakes, waterfalls, mountains and valleys.


The mountains in the summer offer an idyllic setting. You can walk along a winding stream, through 100-year old forests or high up in pastures filled with flowers… each landscape makes you feel even more relaxed. La Plagne proves its love of hiking by offering dozens and dozens of marked trails.

Together, you'll enjoy nature and the wonders it has to offer. This wilderness adventure in the Vanoise or Tarentaise will forge unforgettable memories.

In these mountains, your children will discover the joys of a day's walk in the great outdoors. They'll marvel at the snow-capped peaks, animals and plants. Let them discover the joys of an evening walk, with its fantastic stories and magical tales.

An unforgettable night in a refuge

A night in a refuge in the heart of the Alps is magical. The setting, with its wide open spaces, radiates its own special, enchanted aura. Here, you forget your usual routine. You'll enjoy a complete change of scenery that will sweep you off your feet and intoxicate you with mountain culture. Dare to lose your smartphone signal in a natural environment that reigns supreme. Regain your freedom in contact with welcoming nature. Savour the sunrises and sunsets in this striking and irresistible setting. Let yourself be lulled awake by the songs of the birds. Spending the night at the refuge is also an opportunity to admire starry mountain panoramas.

Fascinating flora and fauna to discover on a hike

Your hike in La Plagne will take you right up close to the flora and fauna. Here, nature reclaims its rights and the animals are more present. You'll spot marmots, ibex, chamois, foxes and hares along the way. Not forgetting the Tarines, the region's emblematic cows. La Plagne is also home to many species of bird, including the rock ptarmigan, golden eagle, rock blackbird and soulcie sparrow. The pleasure of hiking is heightened with every step you take, with every one of these magical encounters.

The rich and unique environment of La Plagne, and particularly that of the Parc de la Vanoise, is home to plants that can only be found here. With such a diverse range of flora and fauna, you're sure to have some wonderful adventures to tell your loved ones about on your return. 


Does your dog love nature, discovery and walking? Let him discover the variety of mountain paths, from the discreet mountain pasture path to the wide forest track. It'll be a unique and memorable experience, sharing some of the highlights of the Alpine trails and marvelling at the spectacle of this unspoilt natural environment. For you, it will be an opportunity to see this green world through the eyes of your four-legged friend. While you're out and about, get out your camera, frame your best friend in this enchanting setting and make plenty of memories. You can also share your adventures on social networks.

Please note, however, that dogs are not allowed in the protected environment of the Vanoise National Park (except for guard dogs and those accompanying disabled people).


First of all, get the right equipment. Even a tiny blister can totally ruin your hike, so good shoes, a hat, sunglasses and sun cream are essential. Don’t hesitate to slip water and a snack into your backpack; eating while you sit and gaze over the Tarentaise valley gives your food a very special flavour! Next, check the weather forecast before you set off. We all know that the weather can change very rapidly in the mountains. Preferably, go with someone else and let a third person know where you are going. Stay on the marked paths, it’s not a good idea to take short cuts. Try not to slip on rocks: like Newton with his apple, gravity can send rocks down on other hikers further down. Finally, our beloved mountains can be fragile, so please look after them. The small flowers, the neves and the Alpine pastures all make fabulous photos, but waste isn’t so picturesque. Dogs are welcome, we know how much they love walking in the mountains, but keep them in view, they don’t always get on well with the wild animals or the herds of cows.

Stay on the footpaths : cutting hairpin bends is not a good idea. Avoid sending stones down, like Newton’s apple, gravity may make them fall on hikers further down. Please don’t forget, our beloved mountain can be fragile, so take care of it. The small flowers, the remaining snow and the stretches of grasses make great photos, rubbish does not! Dogs are welcome, we know how much they enjoy walking in the mountains, but keep them in sight. They do not always mix well with the wildlife and herds.


Our mountain guides offer supervised theme hikes. They are a real fount of knowledge and will point out the beauties of the mountain. Go to any of the tourist offices to find out about service providers and the weekly programme.


If you want to get straight to the peaks to make the most of the breathtaking views or need to take a deep breath of pure mountain air, head to the tourist offices to buy your lift ticket and off you go !

PricesAdult (>12 yrs)Child (5-12 yrs)
1 day La Plagne*20 €16 €
1 lift pedestrian* / MTB La Plagne 8 €6,50 €
Week la Plagne - 7 consecutive days73 €59 €

* Live3000 not included

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