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Plagne Montalbert

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La Plagne Montalbert Tourist Office
73210 Plagne-Montalbert
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The biggest concentration of alternative glides takes place in Montalbert ! On Tuesday, comme and try: the airboard, the snakegliss, the ski trikke, the yooner... Free.
Plagne Montalbert is the leader in alternative glides
Discover :

The Snowbike : Get rid of the wheels of your mountainbike, replace it by skis and here is the Snowbike ! Very stable, you will be able to go downhill very fast, in a safety way !

The Airboard :It is also the Snow bodyboard ... An inflatable sled on whitch you lay ... head first ! The sled is drived by your body weight.

The Snakegliss : The Snakegliss is a kind of sledge you do with friends or family. Several sleds are put together to form a train.

The Yooner : With the Yooner, gliding is very enjoying ! it's very light and easy to handle, simple pleasure !

The Monogliss : The "Monogliss" or Freegliss is a innovating concept between ski and sled. You are sitting balanced on the sled and enjoy a maximum of sensations with full control and manoeuvrability.

The Ski Trikke : The Ski Trikke offers new options to everyone who want to enjoy gliding sensations. The 3 skis position brings you control and stability and allows you to do "carving".

The SMX : is THE must of the alternative glides. The wheels of the BMX bike have been changed to skis. You can do everything you want: acrobatics, spectacular figures, jumps in halfpipes !

The Zipfy : The Zipfy is a mini-sled with a lever to turn and to keep the balance.

The Speedlsnow : the snow Formula One ! A new sled you can drive with feet, faster and with easier braking than traditional sleds !

The Fuse Snowskate : Transform your skateboard in a "snow skate" in a minute and take a ride from the asphalt to the snow !

The Ski rider : On the same base as the snowscoot, the Skirider is made of two independant boards connected with handlebars. You have the same position as on a snowboard. The ski rider allows you great sensations in a few time !

And the new one: The SNOOC !
Free of charge
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OK for families with children
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From 19/12/2020 to 24/04/2021, every Tuesday.

Subject to favorable snow and weather conditions.

Alternatives Glides

La Plagne Montalbert Tourist Office
73210 Plagne-Montalbert