self-sufficient climbers

Champagny en Vanoise

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Tour de glace
Camping le Canada
73350 Champagny-en-Vanoise, FRANCE
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Would you dare climbing on a ice tower on your own ?

Activity only for independent climbers who practice ice climbing and dry-tooling.

The ice tower is an artificial structure suitable for all levels:
- The ramps of 80° allow beginners to learn.
- The vertical ramps raise the difficulty.
- The most experienced climbers can try the dry-tooling (ice axes / resin grips) on 2 walls
- For experts: a mixed (ice and dry-tooling) to 45°.

The first climber can use the amarages (small cables) which are attached to the structure along the tracks.
Relays are placed on top of each lane for the descent and the practice of 'mill'.

Access conditions:
- Being autonomous climber (to master the techniques belaying and climbing in first)
- Being in possession of an individual insurance (CIF FFME ...)
- Owning your own equipment.
- Paying the access.

The use of ice screws is prohibited.
Test of material possible (Petzl, The North Face).

self-sufficient climbers

Camping le Canada
73350 Champagny-en-Vanoise, FRANCE
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Payment method
Ice Tower season: Adult 70€ / child 35€ Weekly Ice Tower: Adult 30€ / child 14€ Ice Tower session: Adult 10.50€ / child 6€.
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From 21/12 to 25/04 between 12 pm and 4.30 pm. Subject to favorable weather.