Bobsleigh Incentive corporate seminar

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Séminaire d’entreprise Bobsleigh Incentive
Piste de Bobsleigh
La Roche
73210 La Plagne
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Drive YOUR OWN Formula 1 ice car! A sensational experience, unique in France, in a 2-man racing bobsleigh!
A unique and exclusive experience, become a bobsleigh pilot and involve your staff, partners or customers in this sport that is unique in the world. You'll start the day with the traditional "track walk", a scouting run in crampons, with a professional pilot to get to grips with each bend and choose your best trajectory yourself.

TRACK WALK: getting to the heart of the tube
Driving a bobsleigh starts with choosing your trajectory. The bobsleigh needs to pick up speed to 'stick' to the ice thanks to centrifugal force. At that precise moment, you'll feel the pressure on the
levers at your fingertips. Each pressure has an impact on the bobsleigh's trajectory. It's best to know the turns! "Middle, middle, middle", you'll hear Thomas Girod, your instructor and former member of the French luge team (22nd at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics), whisper.

You arrive at turn 12 with your partner and your bobsleigh. The air is cold but you can't feel it. You're concentrating, with a touch of apprehension. So far, so good. The first pairs
take off. You hear shouts (of joy or fear?). Now it's your turn. You climb aboard. For this first descent, you are the pilot. Your hands are gripping the handles. Thomas's advice
on a loop. And off you go! (You forget all the advice - that's normal). The bobsleigh picks up speed. 45 seconds later, you cross the line at 80km/h, not really knowing what you're doing.
Supervision and timetable
You will be welcomed and supervised by professionals, including federal instructors. The Olympic Track and the panoramic room are reserved for briefings, feedback and analysis of trajectory performance.

10am: Welcome on the Olympic Bobsleigh Track / briefing in the panoramic room
11am: Track Walk, a chance to get to the heart of the track with a professional pilot. Technical advice and anecdotes
12 noon: Lunch and formation of pairs
2pm: BOBSLEIGH DRIVING for 2. 2 runs per person, pilot and passenger, from turn 12.
4pm: Technical and emotional debriefing
6pm: BOBSLEIGH OLYMPIC for 4. Descent with a professional pilot from the top of the Olympic track.
On request.
From 16/12/2023 to 31/03/2024, daily.
Accepted payment methods
Credit transfer
Languages spoken
Minimum age
16 yrs

Bobsleigh Incentive corporate seminar

Piste de Bobsleigh
La Roche
73210 La Plagne