Winter of Edmond and Lucy" movie snack

Montchavin - Les Coches

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L'Hiver d'Edmond et Lucy
1 Montée des Tsavanias Montchavin
73210 Montchavin-les-Coches
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Special afternoon for kids! On the program: a movie + a snack
Edmond the squirrel and his friend Lucy the bear live in a majestic chestnut tree in the heart of the forest. With family and friends, they play and grow up in a nature rich in adventure. Even in winter, when all is white and silent... They're in for a surprise! Based on the original work by Astrid Desbordes and Marc Boutavant Edmond et ses amis, published by Éditions Nathan © 2013

L'Hiver surprise:
Winter is coming early this year, and Mima hasn't yet finished her "things to do before the cold and snow" list. Edmond and Lucy do everything they can to help her, and at the same time discover how Nature adapts to endure this long winter period.

The Shortest Day:
In the middle of winter, Edmond and Lucy complain that the days are so short. If only they could manage to lengthen the day... Especially since today is the shortest day of the year!

Surprise hunt :
Edmond and Lucy find that the forest holds no surprises in winter. It's cold, it snows, everything's white... in short, it's always the same! To prove them wrong, Georges-Hibou concocts a hunt where every treasure discovered is a surprise from the forest. The forest is really too strong, even to the point of surprising Georges-Hibou himself!

The Winter Army :
Lucy is jubilant: she's finally finished her cabin... But just as she's about to welcome her friends for a snowball fight, she discovers that a snowstorm has collapsed it! Thanks to Edouard, Georges-Hibou and the incredible properties of snow, Lucy is finally able to build the perfect place for the biggest and most exciting snowball fight of all.
One price: 5 €.
Tuesday 5 March 2024 at 4 pm.
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3 yrs
OK for families with children

Winter of Edmond and Lucy" movie snack

1 Montée des Tsavanias Montchavin
73210 Montchavin-les-Coches

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