Mini super slalom à La Plagne

The “Super Parallèle”, a preview of the event

The Super Slalom organisers propose an animation on the ski area called "Super Parallèle".
Come to La Plagne Champagny en Vanoise (1st February), La Plagne Montchavin-les Coches and Plagne Montalbert (2nd February) for a fun and playful activity with friends, family or against an unknown competitor!
Many prizes to be won!

Super Slalom, April 2nd, 2022

It started as a crazy idea between friends, as is often the case, but this time it snowballed. Of course, to come up with the idea of a 4 km slalom with 320 gates (a normal slalom has about 70), you have to be a real diehard! … Julien Lizeroux and Julien Régnier are the guilty parties who invite all their ski champion buddies to take part in this original event on Saturday, April 2nd, 2022 in La Plagne.

Super Slalom descente La Plagne
Super Slalom face au Mont Blanc
Super Slalom course La Plagne
Super Slalom La Plagne

Work your thighs!

If you are keen to have a go, start getting ready, because there are only 400 places available! Whether you are a professional skier or not, you must prove that you have the level needed to get to the bottom (in one piece). Registrations open during the winter season on the Super Slalom website.

Super Slalom fun La Plagne
Super Slalom départ costumé La Plagne
Super Slalom déguisé à La Plagne
Super Slalom duo La Plagne
Super Slalom descente déguisée

A Ski party with a capital S

If the golden rule is to HAVE FUN, there are still a few principles to observe:
• Unicorns and Power Rangers can compete in the Super Slalom,
• The prizes here are wheels (of Beaufort) and everlasting glory,
• Non-skiers play a crucial role: who can get down a 4 km slalom without encouragement?
• The birds are singing! The month of March has moved aside for a period that is all about skiing in the sun. A village set up in La Roche welcomes madcap skiers and non-skiers alike. Music, games and food: it’s the place to be!

mini Super Slalom chronométré à La Plagne

A foretaste

Follow in the footsteps of our champions and train on the timed slalom!

Access: Golf at Plagne Aime 2000 / free access on possession of a valid ski pass.