"Generation Kahlo" exhibition

La Plagne Vallée

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Génération Kahlo
La Maison des arts
7 rue de la Cachouriaz Aime
73210 Aime-la-Plagne
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“Generation Kahlo” exhibition by Florina Aledo-Perez
A partnership between the Maison des Arts and the nine libraries in Les Versants d'Aime region.

This exhibition represents real and modern faces that embody the values ​​of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

Under the guise of suffering and femininity, these portraits of women depict
the indescribable. From the carefree flowers in the hair to the colour contrasts that sometimes conceal torment. So many silent and deep subjects symbolized through the canvas.

A pictorial work inspired by the Mexican tradition without cultural appropriation. Florina's "Fridas" come from all over Europe and in their eyes, everyone can recognize themselves

The Pluses +++ :
Several of the librarians/volunteers from the Versants d 'Aime region agreed to take part in this project by having their portrait "made" by the artist.
Each portrait will then be exhibited in the various libraries, with animations that will resonate with those offered by the Maison des Arts
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Free of charge.
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From 07/02 to 30/04/2020, every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 2 pm and 5 pm.

"Generation Kahlo" exhibition

La Maison des arts
7 rue de la Cachouriaz Aime
73210 Aime-la-Plagne