Stade de slalom du Dahu

Belle Plagne

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The French Ski School invites you to test your skiing level on the Resort's two slalom courses.
Win your medal in la Plagne !
Flèche (arrow) : giant slalom.
Chamois : special slalom.
Skieur cross and boarder cross (during the school holidays) : swoop down the 800m piste taking the banking turns on skis or snowboard, by yourself or as part of a group.
Race times and places can be found in the weekly entertainment guide.

The Ski Open is the official national classification for skiers. It is open to all skiers to anable them to evaluate their level compared to other skiers, including French team members. Classification is gained by aking part in the fleches (arrow - giant slalom) and chamois (special slalom) events organised by the ESF.

Technical details of the slalom courses :
Giant slalom pist:
- Altitude at the start / finish : 220 5m / 2060 m
- Vertical descent : 145 m.
Slalom pist :
- Altitude at the start / finish : 2165 m / 2060 m
- Vertical descent : 105 m
Data en openingstijden
From 10/12/2022 to 29/04/2023.
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Stade de slalom du Dahu

Belle Plagne
73210 La Plagne