Julien Lizeroux's Super Slalom

Plagne Aime 2000
73210 La Plagne
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Motto: The longer, the better! An extraordinary alpine skiing challenge that raises the bar in relation to the classic format!
La Plagne comprises 10 sites with very different characteristics, with something for everyone. Six high-altitude resorts, at the foot of the slopes, and four village resorts with access to the entire ski area. From 1,250 to 3,250 metres above sea level, the ski area is massive and unique.

This hybrid skillfully mixes sporting spectacle with a popular, party dimension. The longest slalom in the world is open to 550 good skiers and a motley cast of the best athletes from the world of skiing.
Measurements: 4 km and 320 gates
Winners 2022: Garance Meyer and Clément Noël

- The start of the Super Slalom at the top of Becoin at 2,340 metres.
Plagne Centre, the veritable beating heart of the resort, at 1,970 metres, is the crucial hub of the ski area with the climb to the summit of Becoin, one of the resort's most beautiful panoramas. Plagne Centre hosts the slalom stadium well known to the competitors.

- The intermediate zone Super Slalom Pit Stop erupts when the skiers pass.
Aime La Plagne, facing Mont Blanc at an altitude of 2,100 metres, truly immersed in its mountainous setting, the "cruiser of the snows" invites all ski devotees to take a dip in the great white.

- The arrival of the Super Slalom village event.
Located at 1,555 metres, La Roche is the historic village of La Plagne. It hosts the Olympic bobsleigh run among its traditional chalets. From the valley, this is the first access to the ski area via the climbing road of La Plagne.
Free access.
Saturday 1st of April 2023.
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Julien Lizeroux's Super Slalom

Plagne Aime 2000
73210 La Plagne