The resort

Plagne Centre en soirée étoilée
Village de Montchavin-les Coches
Panorama du village du La Plagne Montchavin-les Coches
La Plagne Aime 2000
Village de Plagne Montalbert en hiver
Belle Plagne sous la nuit étoilée
Village de Plagne 1800
Plagne Centre en été
La Plagne Aime 2000 été
La Plagne Montchavin les Coches en été
Village de La Plagne Champagny en Vanoise

La Plagne is a multi-faceted resort, stretching from the valley with its apple orchards and river to the snowy Alpine peaks. Eleven villages are spread across the resort, each with its own personality. One goes all out to welcome families, another comes to life as night falls and yet another is filled with historical heritage. Everyone has their own favourite village in La Plagne, so to find yours, take a look here!

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An area with 11 faces and just as many smiles

2100m 700m

Plagne Aime 2000

Welcome to the vi

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Plagne Villages

Belle Plagne

At 2050 m altitud

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Plagne Soleil

At an altitude of

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Plagne centre

At an altitude of

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Plagne Bellecôte

Plagne Bellecôte

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Plagne 1800

Plagne 1800 was the former mining village for the local lead mines. The site is calm and pretty with its authentic mountain-style residences and chalets that fulfil your need for calm and cocooning.
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Plagne Montalbert

La Plagne Montalbert is very aptly qualified as convivial. During your stay, you will appreciate its traditional warm welcome.
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Champagny en Vanoise

The site offers all the services and commodities you need for a successful holiday. Families love the charming Savoyard village at 1200 m on the south-facing slopes, for maximum sunshine.
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Montchavin - Les Coches

Facing Mont Blanc, La Plagne Montchavin les Coches is the perfect holiday location for families, as proven by its Famille Plus Label. The site is built on two levels: the village of Montchavin at 1250m and Les Coches at 1450m.
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La Plagne Vallée

The town of Aime la Plagne has a tradition of welcoming travellers. It is about 20 kilometres from La Plagne’s altitude villages.
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