Ski passes for everyone

La Plagne’s lift system is a great help for going skiing or hiking. There are passes for the duration of your holiday, the composition of your group and the area you want to explore. Beginners will be happy in the Cool Ski zones whilst those with more stamina can consider getting the full Paradiski version.

Ski piste La Plagne
Domaine skiable La Plagne piste Carina
Ski à La Plagne

With its 240 km of runs, La Plagne has its own glacier and stretches both north and south. You can get a good idea of the area in 4 hours and get right across it in a day of skiing. However, if you really want to get to know the La Plagne area and each of its runs, you will need at least 6.

For winter 2023/24:

 4H1 day6 daysParadiski extension 1 day
Adult50 €65 €330 €25 €
Child & senior  
5-12yrs inclusive & 65-74yrs inclusive
40 €52 €264 €20 €
75 years and more 10 €10 € 


Beginning and end of season: 

From 16 to 22 December 2023 and from 20 to 28 April 2024

 4H1 day6 dayParadiski extension 1 day
Adult42,50 €55,50 €280,50 €21,50 €
Child & senior 34 €44,50 €224,50 €17 €
Tarifs pack


Vanoise Express vue montagne La Plagne Paradiski
Ski descente La Plagne
Vanoise Express cabine La Plagne Paradiski

Paradiski pass

With a Paradiski pass, you can ski in La Plagne, Les Arcs and Peisey-Vallandry. The area has a total of 425 km of runs, so ski nuts will have a great time… it’s our XXL pass that will keep you busy on the slopes for days.

For winter 2023/24:

 1day6 days
Adult70 €369 €
Child & senior
(5-12yrs inclusive & 65-74yrs inclusive)
56 €296 €
75 years and more10 €10 €
Ski La Plagne Montalbert Panorama

Village pass

La Plagne Champagny en Vanoise, La Plagne Montalbert and La Plagne Montchavin-les Coches, our pretty villages situated between 1250 and 1350 m altitude, have their own pass. If you don’t want to go very far, if you are trying to get your confidence back on skis or if you want an easy start, this is the pass for you.

For winter 2023/24:

  1 day
Adult 50 €

Child & senior
(5-12yrs inclusive & 65-74yrs inclusive)

40 €


Coolski La Plagne

Cool Ski pass

If you (re)discovering skiing, then our Cool Ski pass is especially designed for you. Protected zones with easy slopes, learning modules and recommended circuits, this is where you will (re)find your confidence. The pink signs tell you where these specific beginner zones start and finish.

Single rate for 2023/24.

1 day
35 €
Balade dans la neige à La Plagne
Ski de fond famille La Plagne Champagny en Vanoise
Ski de fond La Plagne Champagny en Vanoise
Ski de fond sous le soleil La Plagne

Pedestrians and cross-country skiers

The La Plagne area is not just for skiers and snowboarders. Pedestrians and cross-country skiers are also welcome. For a walk and a breath of fresh air, come this way!

For winter 2023/24:

 7 days
Adult60 €
Child 5-12yrs inclusive48 €
Ski à La Plagne
Ski descente La Plagne

Carré Neige insurance

Prevention is better than a cure, so don’t hesitate to buy the Carré Neige insurance which covers rescue and evacuation in case of an accident. It also covers lost or stolen lift passes, so you can head off on the slopes carefree!


1 day
3,30 €
Vanoise Express cabine La Plagne Paradiski
Vanoise Express vue montagne La Plagne Paradiski

The Vanoise Express

The Vanoise Express, a technical feat recognised as being the world’s biggest cable car, has two cabins, each with two levels, that run independently. There is no pylon between the stations at Plan Peisey and Montchavin. 2000 people/hr can cross the Ponthurin valley in under 4 mins and enjoy the ski runs in both Les Arcs and La Plagne.
Vanoise Express Paradiski vue
Intérieur Vanoise Express La Plagne Paradiski
Vanoise Express cabine La Plagne Paradiski

The VertiGO experience

Paradiski® présents VertiGO, a vertiginous experience 380 metres above the ground. Thanks to a transparent glass plate of 1.70m² built into the floor of the lower level of the two cabins of the Vanoise Express, you have an amazing 3-D view.

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