Our mountain, our future

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Created 60 years ago, the resort of La Plagne offered the local inhabitants of its mountains and its valley a better life. Its development allowed a much larger number of people access to winter sports and leisure activities in the mountains (city dwellers as well as those who lived in the country, people of all ages, novices and experienced athletes, ski and mountain enthusiasts from France and abroad…)

Today, our society is facing profound and unprecedented upheaval due to global warming and the collapse of the biodiversity, and the impact this is having on our ecosystems and lifestyles. As the world's leading resort, we have a great responsibility.

We believe that our historic assignment has never been so important and that it has taken on a new meaning in the light of these challenges. We are a multi-site resort of 53 000 beds and we welcome some 575 000 visitors per year to our exceptional natural environment.
Enlightened management of this environment and sustainable development to structure visitor flows, as well as raising awareness of its fragility on a large scale are the keys to a desirable future for La Plagne.

The resort’s approach

Understanding, measuring and taking action

Understanding the context
IPCC, NLCS, ZNA: what are they?
Measuring our impact
A sector-based guide to the mountain, carbon footprint…
Our approach
Vision, missions and trajectories
Structure and support
On our way to obtaining Flocon Vert certification

Our first steps

4 trajectories: preserving, raising awareness, reducing and taking care

The natural habitats
In as many people as possible
The impact of our activities
Of our local inhabitants and their future

Responsible holidays in La Plagne

Our mountain, our future

Privileged access to nature
Natural & historical heritage
Moving towards a common culture
Eco-responsible behaviour
Inspiring activities
Nature - Crafts - Meetings
La Plagne with your family
Our mountain, our future

The resort’s approach : Understanding | Measuring our impact | Act | Structuring

Our first steps : Preserving | Raising awareness | Reducing | Taking care

Responsible holidays in La Plagne : Nature | Culture | Inspiring activities

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