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Over the moon La Plagne
Over the Moon La Plagne
Nuit insolite dans un igloo La Plagne

Every extraordinary destination requires a memorable night. La Plagne and its snow-capped mountains are home to some quite original places to stay. We invite you to discover our more unusual addresses, including one that is quite unique! You will find it on the slopes when night falls... When a snow groomer is made to look like a candy box, the result is Over the Moon! It’s perfect for bashful lovers, taking up its quarters at the top of the ski area, overlooking Mont Blanc. Another unusual address is the Igloo Village. A snow labyrinth leads to rooms that could be in the Far North. After a fondue and a Génépi, the atmosphere warms up and laughter echoes through the dining room with its ice sculptures. Whether you want to live an unforgettable experience or offer an amazing gift to a loved one, La Plagne will put stars in your eyes.

Over the moon La Plagne
Over the moon La Plagne
Nuit insolite en dameuse

Over the Moon

This is the tale of a snow groomer that could no longer be used for grooming. However, La Plagne decided to give it a second breath of life. A facelift later, it looked more like a candy box… with a queen size bed, glass roof and dimmed pink lighting, it climbs the slopes with its loving couples on board. Its destination is the top of the Arpette, at some 2385 m altitude, overlooking Mont Blanc. Don’t try and find this anywhere else, it simply doesn’t exist!

Over The Moon est un logement insolite aménagé dans une dameuse relookée. À l’intérieur de cette suite haut de gamme, les hôtes profitent d’un grand lit douillé et d’une cafetière. Le chauffage y est installé pour vous garder au chaud toute la nuit. Et pour vous faire profiter d’un maximum de confort dans votre nid chauffé, retrouvez y cafetière, mini-bar, lumière LED tamisée et home cinéma. Une nuit insolite tout confort au cœur de la montagne.

Embrassez la nuit face au Mont Blanc et à la vue imprenable offerte depuis l’intérieur de la dameuse à travers son plafond vitré. Observez les étoiles vibrer de leurs meilleures couleurs dans un ciel pur. Si vous êtes chanceux, des étoiles filantes vous gratifieront de leur présence. Fermez les yeux et formulez vos meilleurs vœux à leur passage.

Be among the privileged few to experience an exceptional night on board our unique vessel: Over the Moon.
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A castle in Spain? Even better

A furnished snow groomer that is unique the world over, for you alone. Could it be that true luxury is a moment suspended in time with your loved one? Right in the heart of the ski area, under a starry sky that would make even Van Gogh pale in comparison, overlooking Mont Blanc, you will enjoy the luxury of being quite alone to enjoy this grandiose spectacle. And since we don’t do anything by halves in La Plagne, Over the Moon stops just next to a (covered) jacuzzi. Champagne and macaroons are included as well as a love box… There’s no need to spell it out for you: this will be your most romantic night ever!

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