Plagne Villages

Plagne Villages et Plagne Soleil
Plagne soleil et villages en hiver

The relaxed rhythm of life and relaxed atmosphere that reign in Plagne Villages make it a great place for families to stay. You can ski from the residences to the ski school meeting point, the kids’ ski garden and the beginner zones. Experienced skiers are just a couple of turns from Plagne Centre where you have access to the vast Paradiski® area. There are many paths to take on foot or on snowshoes, as well as cross-country ski trails. The setting is bucolic, for unforgettable adventures, in the heart of magnificent preserved spaces, strewn with fir trees and dotted with lovely viewpoints. The site also offers all the services and retail areas you need for a successful holiday and the Télébus gondola lift takes you down to Plagne Centre in just a few minutes.

Dou du Praz à La Plagne en été
stade de football
Dou du Praz à La Plagne paysage enneigé

If you love wide open spaces, you should go to the Dou du Praz. This sunny plateau between Plagne Soleil, Plagne Villages and Plagne Bellecôte offers a magnificent panorama. The views of the lovely Tarentaise valley and the Saint Jacques are quite breathtaking. It’s a wonderful spot year-round, with its walking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing itineraries. There are picnic tables where you can enjoy the magnificent landscape. In winter, it’s the ideal place to go dog sledding. In summer, food lovers really must visit the dairy where you can buy cheese made on site. If you look to the side of the chalet where they sell the cheese, you might see the cheese maker at work, leaning over the huge cauldron. The milk from the Tarine and Abondance cows that spend the summer in La Plagne’s pastures is made into Beaufort d’alpage cheese here, as well as butter and cream, and faisselle and serac cheese, to be enjoyed without limits!

In winter, it is the perfect location for going on a dog sled ride. In summer, the dairy is a great place for gourmets to stop off. You can even buy cheese made on site and, if you look round the side of the chalet where they sell the cheese, you can see the cheesemaker at work, leaning over the large cauldron. The milk from the Tarine and Abondance cows that graze in the pastures in La Plagne is made into cheese here: Beaufort d’alpage, butter, cream and faisselle and serac cheeses, to enjoy without moderation!

Plagne Villages et Plagne Soleil
Plagne Village

Plagne Villages first opened in 1972. The site inaugurated a new type of urban planning: the resort village built on an untouched site. The 4-storey buildings have gable roofs and wood cladding and follow the relief, so they are on different levels. The winding line of the buildings is determined by the geological constraints. It is an ideal site for families.

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