Owners' House

Located in the Espace plagnard at Plagne Centre, the Maison des Propriétaires is a space dedicated to property renovation, tourist accommodation and property owners.


Why a dedicated space?

In the years to come, new construction will be more limited. It is vital to support property owners so that they can renovate their flats and condominiums, but also to meet the expectations of ski resort customers and to address environmental issues.

Property owners in La Plagne account for 85% of the resort's beds. They therefore play a central role in the running of the resort. As key players in the local economy, the local authority recognises them as major partners in the sustainable future of the resort.

In order to promote this partnership, establish a relationship of trust and facilitate exchanges, the SIGP is setting up a place dedicated to them.

maison des propriétaires

The main missions

The Maison des Propriétaires is a one-stop shop designed to promote renovation in order to encourage the occupation, rental and development of tourist accommodation. It is also designed to facilitate contact between owners and the renovation companies that come to meet them.
Finally, advice and support are also part of the remit, depending on the expectations of the owner and the characteristics of the property.

maison des propriétaires

The services on offer

The purpose of the Maison des Propriétaires is :

  • To inform, advise and support homeowners according to their expectations and the characteristics of their property
  • To encourage and raise awareness of renovation in order to increase the value of their homes and their rental income by promoting occupancy and letting. 
  • To Facilitate their projects by putting them in direct contact with building and renovation professionals, who come to their homes and are available to meet them (calendar of meetings). 
  • Establish a dynamic exchange of ideas with the introduction of future tools such as the digital Maison des Propriétaires platform, webinars, newsletters, events, etc.

Plan your meetings with professionals

Homeowners are invited to come and meet building and renovation professionals at the Maison des Propriétaires. A schedule of meetings is drawn up. It is advisable to arrange an appointment by contacting the company directly in order to block a time slot (otherwise the presence of the company initially scheduled on the timetable will not be guaranteed).

✨ View the agenda of the Maison de Propriétaires de La Plagne

Many companies are already scheduled on the calendar:

Practical information

The Maison des Propriétaires is located in the Espace Plagnard, which houses the offices of OTGP Altitude and the resort's public services, including the Maison des Saisonniers, the post office and the local library, as well as the Tourist Tax and Classification of Furnished Accommodation offices.

✨ Access via the Place St Sauveur shopping arcade or the Télémétro street arch.

✨ Contact: Franck Capuçon 04 79 09 74 04 - Mail: renovhebergements@sigplaplagne.com

✨ Open throughout the winter season from Monday to Friday, mornings from 9am to 12pm and afternoons by appointment.

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