Towards a common culture

Randonnée à Champagny en Vanoise

Action requires understanding

This is why one of our priorities is to develop a common culture for an ecological and solidarity-based transition, so that we are stronger and better aligned to take up this challenge, both internally and with all of our visitors and partners.
First of all by helping all of La Plagne’s professionals to become enlightened players of the transition. Allowing everyone to understand the stakes and gain in competence, to realize that everyone can act at their own level and to understand how to change our ways of doing things.
We also have hundreds of thousands of customers who love the mountains and the connection to nature they offer. Their holiday in La Plagne is a special opportunity to raise their awareness through positive and educational communication and to make them actors of change.
"We protect what we know"

Fresque du Climat

Forging a common culture

Climate change may seem evident, but the facts are still complex for some of us to understand. By making the IPCC's scientific diagnosis accessible, Climate Fresk enables a shared understanding of the major climate issues. When taking part in a Climate Fresk workshop, everyone becomes aware of what is at stake by means of a card game and thus fosters their ability to act faster and better. Since 2022, La Plagne has chosen to use Climate Fresk workshops to raise awareness of climate issues among the region’s professionals. The aim is to extend these workshops to any interested parties (local elected officials, athletes, schools, socio-professionals, etc.) from 2023.

Source d'eau La Plagne

Awareness workshops

Tackling micropollutants in water

La Plagne is mobilising around a pilot process with Veolia and the GRAINE environmental and sustainable development education network to raise awareness of micropollutants in water. What is a micropollutant? How can we help to reduce them at source? A series of 6 pilot workshops were organised over summer 2022 at various sites in La Plagne.


Panorama de la Plagne en été

Objective: a waste-free mountain!

Every year when the snow melts, waste reappears on the slopes, near the ski lifts and in the different areas of our villages. The figures prove that the volume of litter is growing. For several years, we have been mobilising at different levels in our territory by regularly organising waste collection events and now we want to go further. By raising awareness among more people: locals, socio-professionals, young people, athletes and visitors during a special day that combines a waste collection on all our sites and in the valley and a moment of conviviality with awareness-raising workshops. The first one will take place on 3 June, 2023. More information to come.

Les frères Ladevant - Damien Largeron

Our athletes inspire us

Helping to convey inspiring images is also the role of La Plagne's athletes. Over and above their sporting performance, some of them are increasingly aware of the impact they have and are changing their behaviour. This is the case of the Ladevant brothers, Louna and Tristan, and their challenge of continuing to carry out large-scale climbing projects with the smallest possible carbon footprint. For their trip to Italy, each of them committed to using recycled material (excluding safety equipment) and not to exceed a total budget of 1000 euros per person. On bicycles worth about 50 euros, the team set off from Verona (Italy) to conquer the Dolomites, cycling intense days of up to 110km/day and 1,750 elevation gain, weighed down with luggage weighing over 45 kg each. We hope that this type of initiative will be followed by others!

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