Inspiring activities

Village de Plagne 1800

Looking for environmentally friendly activities? Sharing and learning moments? We want your stay to be as fulfilling as possible.

How? By taking part in our activities, our awareness-raising events, by sharing part of your day with one of our local talents, by visiting our museums, our third-party places that encourage sharing and encounters, but also quite simply by enjoying the environment that surrounds you. A little extra: be accompanied by our guides to benefit from their knowledge of the fauna and flora!

The resort’s approach : Understanding | Measuring our impact | Act | Structuring

Our first steps : Preserving | Raising awareness | Reducing | Taking care

Responsible holidays in La Plagne : Nature | Culture | Inspiring activities

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Super Huit
From 12 to 14 July 2024
LA 6000D
From 25 to 27 july 2024