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Dans la neige en famille à La Plagne
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Notre démarche - Trajectoires

Aware of the need to plan our future, we got round the table in spring 2021 to implement an approach based on what we can call Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Except that for a territory like La Plagne, it is a bit more complex. As both a tourist area and a place where people live year round, our daily life is based on the support of a number of organisations, starting with the municipalities.

Our thinking and actions must therefore be shared, debated and built collectively. Seven organisations have been involved in the project since it was launched: the Syndicat de La Grande Plagne (SIGP), the Office de Tourisme de la Grande Plagne (OTGP), the three municipalities that support the tourist resort, the Conseil Communautaire des Versants d'Aime (COVA) and the Société d'Aménagement de La Plagne (SAP - the ski area operator), a subsidiary of the Compagnie des Alpes Group.

Trajectoire RSE La Plagne

Our trajectories

The ones that are set for us but also the ones around which we have managed to gather.


Preserving the natural habitats

> Land artificialisation
50 % less consumption of natural spaces by 2030 (Trajectoire France)

Sensibiliser le plus grand nombre

Raising awareness in as many people as possible, starting with ourselves

> Forging a common culture so that we can act accordingly
> Mobilising in the field with our customers and our ecosystem

Mesurer notre impact

Reducing the impact of our activities

> Measuring our regional carbon footprint precisely
> Building our climate strategy collectively to contribute actively to the reduction of our direct and indirect emissions

Prendre soin de nos habitants

Taking care of our local population

> Supporting local initiatives

The resort’s approach : Understanding | Measuring our impact | Act | Structuring

Our first steps : Preserving | Raising awareness | Reducing | Taking care

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