If you are a little hesitant, or it’s your first time on skis, or if you’re having a hard time getting back into it…just remember, there are very few self-taught ski champions. The ski schools are there for you. They will help you to make progress and enjoy yourself. With a group or in a private lesson, with your friends or your family, La Plagne’s ski instructors will take the time to listen to you and give you advice. It’s a great way of heading for Julien Lizeroux’s track record…

Free ski lifts:

If you are trying skiing for the first time and discovering new sensations, head to the free ski lifts.

Bellecôte Sector Montchavin Sector Champagny Sector Bécoin Sector
  • Tapis Belle Plagne
  • Tapis l'Ourson
  • Téléski Patinoire
  • Téléski Petit Sauget
  • Téléski Sucette de Montchavin
  • Télécabine Télébufette
  • Téléski Aiglon
  • Téléski Eterlou
  • Téléski Praconduit
  • Téléski Stade
  • Téléski Telebaby


Montalbert Sector

Grande Rochette Sector
  • Téléski Praconduit
  • Téléski Stade
  • Téléski Telebaby
  • Corde Solu
  • Téléski Biquet


Cool Ski La Plagne débutant

Cool Ski

Follow the pink signs! These are protected zones especially for beginners, with easy slopes and modules to help you learn, then recommended circuits to take before you set off to discover the rest of the ski area. The aim is to give you confidence, help you to enjoy skiing and open up new perspectives.
Printemps du ski - Bienvenue aux débutants !

Spring skiing

If there is an ideal time to learn to ski, it has to be the springtime! The snow is soft, the days are longer and it’s warmer. As a bonus for beginners, La Plagne proposes special beginner packs for spring skiing. For one beginner pack purchased, one beginner pack is free. Ski lessons, equipment and passes are included.