Marche nordique (Nordic walking)

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versant du soleil
Espace Montagne
73210 La Plagne
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On mountain trails, with Mont Blanc as your backdrop, plus Philippe and Gilles as your qualified guides and instructors, come and discover the wonderful outdoor sporting activity of Nordic walking. Courses for beginners and seasoned walkers. An enjoyable, friendly way to improve your fitness, well-being and general health!
A friendly, enjoyable sporting activity, employing specific moves originating from the the Nordic countries.
Nordic walking is a perfect "health sport", recommended by the health professions.
The whole body works smoothly.
Good for muscles, bones, joints, heart, circulation, breathing, energy expenditure, balance and coordination.

You can continue doing it when you get home.
Nordic walking is good for you.
We walk on beautiful pathways and lanes in the countryside.

For beginners and seasoned walkers
Niveau difficulté
For beginners / novice
All year round, daily.
Accepted payment methods
Bank/credit card
Credit transfer
Languages spoken
Minimum age
14 yrs

Marche nordique (Nordic walking)

Espace Montagne
73210 La Plagne