Opening dates

Ski à La Plagne Roche de Mio
Vue de Belle Plagne en hiver
Domaine skiable La Plagne vue piste Geisha
Panorama de la Plagne en été
La Plagne Vallée  en été

Opening dates of the 2023-2024 winter season

Openings of our sports / leisure / cultural facilities

winter 2023-24

Bobsleigh slope
From 16 December to 31 March
Espace Glacialis
From december 19 to april 21
Swimming pools
From December 11th *different according to the village
Different opening periods according to the villages

Opening dates of the 2023 summer season

La Plagne Vallée
Welcome all year round!
Welcome all year round!
Montchavin-Les Coches
From 24 June to 2 September
From 1st July to 2nd September
Plagne Altitude
From 1st July to 2nd September

Openings of our cultural facilities

Summer 2023

Tour Montmayeur
From 3rd july to 1st september
Saint Martin's Basilica
From 3rd july to 1st september
Espace archéologique Pierre Borrione
From 3rd july to 1st september
Glacialis Museum
From 1st July to 1st september

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16 & 17 december 2023
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