The 6000D, the mother of trail races: July 25th - 27th, 2024

The 6000D started 30 years ago! If trail running has become a popular sport in recent years, La Plagne has already been welcoming trail enthusiasts for several decades. Pioneers of the sport and experienced mountain runners have created a course that is one of a kind: climbing up, running down, from the apple orchards to Live 3000 (3 057m altitude). The trail runner’s “must-do”, the 6000D is to running what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris: unmissable.


The champion race, the race of champions

6000D, i.e. 6000 metres up and down (a little more actually) over 67 km. You might say: well, it’s just a mountain trail race… but it’s actually a bit more than that. The 6000D is a course that is almost all on footpaths, takes the competitors up through France’s only Olympic bobsleigh track and goes from the apple orchards in the valley to the glacier. It’s a trail race that assembles 450 volunteers, it’s a cheering crowd at each key passage, it’s a fervour that is rarely found in trail races. The 6000D is pure emotion.


A 6000D for everyone

We are not all inveterate trail runners. Some like to take it a bit easier, some are really only Sunday runners, others are not yet old enough to take on 65 km! This is why La Plagne prolongs the festivities and organises 10 races over 3 days for all types of runners. There are the  'Kids’  (6 to 15 year olds), the ‘Aventure’ (6 to 16 year olds with an adult), the ‘Découverte’ for beginners, the ‘Lacs’ for those with ambition, the ‘Bob’ and 2 new races for 2024 'Défoulée' and 'Défi'… we guarantee that we have the right race for you!

Trail training

Not everyone can be Kilian Jornet. Whether you want to train or just for the fun of it, La Plagne offers 200 km of permanent marked trails, ranging from easy to very difficult. Spread over the resort, the trails are grouped in a guidebook that is on sale in La Plagne’s info points.

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