Vignes de Tarentaise vineyards

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The Tarentaise vineyards are the first in France….. when you come over from Italy! From a geographical point of view, the vineyards are slightly north of the 45th parallel (75 km) and are mainly on the south-facing slopes of the valley.
The "Vignes de Tarentaise" association was created in December 2008 in conjunction with the Assemblée des Pays de Tarentaise-Vanoise and the Versants d'Aime Communauté de Communes.

The association's aim is to save and redevelop the valley's dying vines.

These very atypical vineyards, hidden away in the heart of the Alps and reflecting a self-sufficient agricultural society, started to decline 60 years ago leaving fallow land. From 2 000 ha in the first half of the 20th century, only a few dozen hectares of vines still remain today, maintained by a small number of heroic diehard wine growers. A few of them, concerned that the future generations would stop looking after the family vines, refused to let the vines decline and did all they could to keep them growing.

After six years of hard work, "Vignes de Tarentaise" presented a first report with signs of new growth. Through its original action programme, the association had saved 3 hectares of vines and cleared a further 3 hectares.

In 2014, for its third grape harvest, the wine press transformed 6 tonnes of grapes into 4000 litres of grape juice and wine for family consumption. There are currently 30 or so wine growers who bring their harvest and participate in joint wine making.

The association's actions focus on 3 policies:

- making the local populations aware of their heritage by proposing outings to other mountain vineyards, a wine-tasting initiation programme, participation in local events and bringing groups to see the collective winery and the wine press.

- encouraging locals to cultivate a small plot of land and support the new wine growers through a series of training sessions on maintaining the vines (pruning, removing unwanted shoots, treatments), group orders of plants and phytosanitary products, loan of a ploughing winch.

- aside from these two major recurring themes, "Vignes de Tarentaise" wants to ensure that its efforts will be maintained over time, by setting up an economic project in the form of a micro-cooperative, a wine-growers' union and a request for geographic recognition.

The Association is also a partner of the Centre d'Ampélographie Alpine Pierre Galet for the promotion of rare varieties of wine and contributes to the recognition of forgotten vineyards through a regional group. Other contacts have also been established to promote a "peasant"-type agriculture in the Tarentaise that respects the region's lack of intensive agriculture and makes you want to get digging!
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Vignes de Tarentaise vineyards

94 grande rue
73210 Aime-la-Plagne

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