Nordic Walking of the Yeti

Plagne Montalbert

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Marche nordique
ADMontagnes - Yeti snowshoeing
Centre station
73210 Plagne-Montalbert
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Nordic walking is an outdoor sport that involves a special technique of walking fast while propelling yourself forward with a pair of long poles. The sport, which is extremely popular in the Scandinavian countries, is derived from cross-country skiing.
Apart from anything else, this novel pastime is exciting and great fun. Using your arms as well as your legs gives the impression of propulsion and power, almost as if you're about to take off!
Nordic walking is well-known and recognized for its health benefits, no matter what your age!
In the morning: Initiation. A gentle introduction to the Alpha propulsion technique.
Afternoon: Progression. Perfecting your moves, first steps in the mountain terrain.
One price: 18 €.
From 15/06 to 15/09/2024, every Wednesday.
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Minimum age
13 yrs
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Nordic Walking of the Yeti

ADMontagnes - Yeti snowshoeing
Centre station
73210 Plagne-Montalbert

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