Audrey, light of the soul

Matériel pour soin
A domicile Plagne Centre
73210 La Plagne
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Proposes energy treatments (at home or remotely), massage, hypnosis and therapy. Accompaniment, dependancy, sleep, phobias, blocks, grieving, confidence, sadness...
Energy treatment for children, adults and animals: hypnosis, intuitive massage and personalised therapies and accompaniment.

Are you in pain? Are you injured or suffering from a pain that is targeted (muscular, a certain place or organ, etc.) or not, chronic or not.

Do you have a deeper issue?
And do you want to feel better? This is normal and not selfish. You have the right to happiness, YOUR happiness, and you alone hold the keys to your soul.

- Are you blocked by fear, shame, anger, guilt or any other feeling or emotion that prevents you from moving forward? Free yourself from the dictates of society, your environment, your mind, your beliefs and conditioning...

- Do you have questions? Do you need to regain your self-confidence, move forward, evolve?

- Are you (re)awakening to the realisation that your soul is not in tune with what you are becoming, your life mission, your aspirations?

For pain in the body, the heart and the soul. Thanks to yourself first and foremost, using the personal energy tools and methods that you need, your desires and expectations.

I guide you in:
- Resolving and understanding your inner and/or outer problems (suffering, blocks, phobias, past lives, deep sadness/depression, karma, insomnia, pain).
- Regaining vitality, energy and motivation etc...
- Conflictual relationships (parents and children, for example).

I can help you:
- Understand yourself, take responsibility for yourself, respect yourself and love yourself
- Regain control of yourself and your life. Reconnect with yourself

I'm here to help ease your pain.
But I'm also here to help you become who you want to be, in a loving, gentle and caring way, without judgement, on the path of your inner quest. I'll guide you and help show you the doors that only you can open!
All year round.
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Audrey, light of the soul

A domicile Plagne Centre
73210 La Plagne

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