Descente de l'Isère en kayak à La Plagne
Voie verte vélo en bord d'Isère à La Plagne
Descente de l'Isère en Kayak

The Tony Estanguet of the Alps

Kayaking, like mountain biking or trail running, is a real outdoor sport: fulfilling, jubilant, demanding. As always, La Plagne is only too willing to help. For kayakers, the Isère is undeniably one of the rivers to “tick off”, so why not try it? You can progress from beginner to advanced level step by step, starting on calm water, then on a section of the Isère and finishing in the foaming rapids!
Groupe de Kayak à La Plagne

A calm start

When you start kayaking, it’s reassuring to be in calm water: learning to steer the boat, feel the movement of the water and follow a line. Minimum age 6 and able to swim. The sessions are organised on the lake at the Versants d’Aime activity park.
La Plagne Eaux Vives propose des prestations diversifiées pour s’adapter au mieux à vos attentes et à votre niveau de pratique. En kayak rigide, gonflables (1 ou 2 places) ou en stand-up paddle, vous pourrez débuter (libre ou encadré) sur les eaux chaudes du plan d'eau devant notre école de pagaie.
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Ecole de Pagaie (Paddle School) - La Plagne white water
Le Plan d'eau
Le Gothard
73210 La Plagne Tarentaise
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Voie verte cyclisme La Plagne

All pumped up

Then comes the moment when you have to plunge into the river! An inflatable kayak, also known as an airboat, has certain advantages: it’s light, unsinkable and more stable, so it’s perfect for beginners who will be able to control it easily and gain the confidence they need to throw themselves into the river. The minimum age is 12, but the most important thing is to have an instructor to supervise you while you learn.
Kayakraft - Rêve d'eau - Vallée de la Plagne
Kayak rafting or canyoning. Take to the water and venture down the Isère. You'll be the captain of your own boat!
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Rêve d'Eau Rafting
Parking Base de Loisirs des Versants d'Aime
Le Gothard
73210 La Plagne Tarentaise
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Descente de l'Isère en kayak à La Plagne

Ready for a real descent

So now you are ready! With your helmet, paddle and life jacket under your arm, you are a true kayaker. And not just any kayaker, since you are going down the Isère, one of the Alps’ legendary rivers, passing through the Centron gorges, surfing on the rapids and having fun on a river that flows directly from the glaciers of the Tarentaise.

You're going to love it!

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