The concept is simple: you have an hour to escape the game room by solving clues and working as a team! Savviness, communication and a love of games are the winning trio for getting out (in one piece).

Escape game apéro

Escape Apéro


When the game and the aperitif come directly to your home, with friends or family, from local producers, to drink and eat, everything is there.

Unfortunately for you everything is locked in the cooler, it's up to you to decipher the codes to be able to taste it!

By reservation on 07 64 01 26 92.

Escape Game I Quest La Plagne
Escape Game La Plagne
Escape Game Le Portail Magique La Plagne
Escape Game Outdoor La Plagne
Escape Game Le Portail Magique La Plagne

Escape Game Outdoor

This new outdoor game is a clever combination of an escape game, geocaching and a treasure hunt, all enhanced with augmented reality.

You have 2 options: to get involved in Operation Mindfall and try to save the world from the MK Ultra virus, or to escape into the elves’ magical world and go in search of the magic crystals.

One of the missions will take you through our villages whilst the other takes you to some of the most beautiful viewpoints in La Plagne.

Choose your adventure and join us!

Escape Game La Plagne Bunker

The Mont Saint-Jacques bunker

The pitch: in a post-apocalyptic world, you wander the mountains until you hear a signal which you follow, looking for shelter and, hopefully, other survivors. You then come to a strange and quite frightening place where you have to keep a cool head and plan well. This adrenalin-boosting room is for players aged 16 and over in search of a real thrill. You won’t forget it in a hurry!
Escape Game chuppa yeti La Plagne

Hunting the Chuppa Yéti

The pitch: the little yeti called the Chuppa Yeti has reached “grail” status and is too cute to stay hidden away. Everyone wants one of their own, including you. A trail appears, leading you to old Émile who lives in a cabin tucked away in the mountains… Min. age 8 years, this room takes you to a fantasy world for a game that is not easy to solve. Get your brain cells warmed up, it’s going to be a challenge!

This summer you'll love it!

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Super Huit
From 12 to 14 July 2024
LA 6000D
From 25 to 27 july 2024