Paradifly, paragliding School and Snakegliss

Parapente sur les sommets de la Plagne
Route de la Côte d'Aime - La Frasse - Bâtiment E
73210 Aime-la-Plagne
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With Paradifly, realise man's oldest dream...flying!
Tandem paragliding flights:
- Discovery flight: step by step into the air! Discover the magical moment when you feet leave the ground (flight approx. 8 minutes descending 500 m minimum).

- Pleasure flight: enjoy the views of Mont-Blanc a while longer (lasts around 15 to 20 minutes, descending 1000m minimum).

- Long flight: fly up to the clouds. Just like the birds, we use the warm air currents (nature's lifts!) to climb higher. We frequently rise up to 3800 meters or more with magnificent views of the valley, the mountains and all the altitude resorts (lasts 30 - 40 minutes or more).

Paradifly also proposes the Snakegliss activity: a line of sleds attached to each other wind down the slope.
Hiver :
vol découverte (500 mètres) : 80€
Vol plaisir (1000 mètres) : 110€
Vol de durée de 25-35 minutes :140€
Atterrissage Plagne centre ou La Roche

Sortie en Snake-gliss (luge collective) : 30€

Disponibilités et réservations directes en ligne :

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All year round.
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Bank/credit card
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Minimum age
5 yrs

Paradifly, paragliding School and Snakegliss

Route de la Côte d'Aime - La Frasse - Bâtiment E
73210 Aime-la-Plagne