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La Plagne Vallée

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Air Parapente
73210 La Plagne Tarentaise
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Enjoy the exceptional experience of a tandem paraglider flight for guaranteed pleasure and thrills! Stephane Drouin, a member of and trainer for Pôle France shares his passion with enthusiasm and professionalism.
The flights:

-Discovery flight (10-15 mins, in the morning, min. age 5):

An initial contact with the third dimension on a flight that descends 650m
Taking off from Prariond and landing in Macôt-la-Plagne

-Horizon flight (20-25 mins, early morning or early afternoon (min. age 5)

A fabulous flight that descends 1,300m
Taking off from Aime 2000 and landing in Macôt-la-Plagne

-Performance flight (45 min-1hr, in the afternoon, min. age 12)

We use the afternoon thermals to prolong our flight and enjoy the scenery even more by gaining altitude. You will get a real sense of the strength of the elements, as well as a feeling of freedom and breathtaking views

Taking off from Vallandry and landing in Landry

-Prestige flight (1hr30-1hr45, in the afternoon, min. age 12)

A flight that takes you on an aerial journey over the mountain peaks more than 3,000 m above sea level as you rise on the qscending thermal currents. Unforgettable!

Some useful information:

What happens on take off?
The pilot equips you with a harness that has a very comfortable seat. He explains how to take off, which is much simpler than you might think: just walking a few steps then jogging a few steps as you feel the paraglider take the load. You do not have to jump and there is no sensation of falling.

What happens on landing?
Don't worry about your knees: the landing is very gentle
You will not have to run, the pilot will just ask you to stand up when the paraglider has almost come to a halt.


Why doesn't the flight give you vertigo?
Vertigo only occurs when you are on the ground, never in an aircraft or aerostat.....even if you are very prone to this inner ear problem.

We recommend wearing a windbreaker, trousers, closed shoes and sunglasses.

If the aerological conditions allow it, you will be offered the chance to take the controls and/or thrills at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

I work with another qualified instructor, so we can offer 2 flights at the same time.

Our paragliders are renewed at the beginning of each summer and are larger than the norm (44m2 compared to a usual 38 to 42m2), which means we can take passengers weighing up to 115kg and fly for longer even in calm conditions.

Transport to the take-off point (or back from the landing point) is always included in the service.

Flights are refunded in full or postponed if the weather does not allow us to fly or if you cancel a reasonable time before the flight.
Discovery flight 85€,
Horizon flight 130€
Performance flight 180€,
Prestige flight 300€,
Photos and videos option 30€.
From 01/07 to 02/09/2024.
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Passion Parapente

73210 La Plagne Tarentaise

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