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Manuela Marques, Campagne Première
CAMPAGNE PREMIÈRE FESTIVAL Contemporary art in the mountains, from the valley to the mountain tops, with a collective exhibition entitled "D’aussi loin que je me souvienne" (For as long as I can remember). The artists will be present during the weekend to talk to the public about their work.
Campagne Première will be back in June 2024 for the third edition of its contemporary art festival in a rural environment, in a multiform version between the Ain and Savoie departments, with incursions throughout the summer into these two regions.

Campagne Première will be moving into La Plagne to take up the challenge of presenting contemporary art in unexpected places, in this case in unlikely spots in the valley's villages.
Artistic director: Fanny Robin.
Free entry.

With artists Barreau and Charbonnet, Nicolas Boulard, Delphine Gigoux-Martin, Elise Grenois, Laurent Lacotte, Marc Lathuillière, Thibault Lucas, Manuela Marques, Nicolas Momein, Jean-Baptiste Perret, Sylvie Sauvageon.
Their work will be exhibited in the church of St. Jacques d’Assyrie in Centron, in the mill at Longefoy, in the olden-day school in La Côte d’Aime, in St Sébastien's chapel in Macot, at the media library in Bellentre and in St Martin's basilica.

This edition focuses on one of the pillars of rural life: manual activities, particularly in a farming environment. As you visit the exhibition, you will learn about the skills of women and men, how their passage has marked the landscape and their imprint on the local heritage.
Free access.
From Saturday 29 to Sunday 30 June 2024.
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Campagne Première

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