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La Plagne Vallée

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73210Zimages vallée de la Plagne
1012 Za des Iles d'Aime Aime
73210 Aime-la-Plagne
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In partnership with CINEBUS, 73210 Zimages invites you to rekindle the atmosphere of cinema in Aime.
73210 Zimages? What's that?
You're going to travel in time!
Though it became a theatre in 2007, the "LE VOX" cinema has remained engraved in the memories of many of us.
In partnership with CINEBUS, 73210 Zimages launches the crazy challenge of relaunching cinema in Aime.
The goal: to offer a regular programme of recent films, aimed at a wide audience.
73210 Zimages is also about live entertainment!
Richard Bohringer and Olivier Sadoine were the first artists on stage in 2016, and other names have already been announced.
Why join?
The association doesn't make a penny from the screenings, the cinema operator, Cinébus, takes home the takings, which is normal.
Only memberships, sweets on the entrance, and the efforts of 73210 Zimages make it possible to cover the association's expenses and to offer you more things to enjoy.
The same goes for the shows, 73210 Zimages negotiate with producers for the best terms, to avoid expenses for the association, and be able to offer you the lowest possible price for membership.
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From 01/01 to 31/12.

73210 Zimages

1012 Za des Iles d'Aime Aime
73210 Aime-la-Plagne

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