Ours champions

La Plagne is a wonderful playground where champions in several disciplines flourish. Discover them and follow them online, and at major sporting events: their talent feeds off your encouragement! And in many cases, their talent is born in the La Plagne sports club!

Brice Roger, athlète La Plagne
Portrait Brice Roger, athlète La Plagne

Brice Roger, the feisty one / Downhill skiing, racing

Brice is a force of nature whose energy seems to come from laughter and good humour and whose passion for skiing is as strong as ever. He won his first medal in March 2015 in front of his home crowd in Meribel, at the World Cup final, with a 3rd place in the Super G. Knee injuries have cut short his season several times but this has not affected his love of racing… or his enthusiasm!

 Ranking Brice Roger


7th in Super G World Championships
2 top 8 places in Super G World Cup 


3rd Super G - Kvitjell (NOR)
7th downhill - Kitzbühel (AUS)


8th Super G – Saalbach (AUS)
9th downhill – Saint-Moritz (SWI)


3rd in World Cup in Meribel in Super G


Léo Ducros, l’étoile montante / Ski alpin, vitesse et géant

Issu du même groupe que les sœurs Chevrier au Club des Sports, Léo partage avec elles la même passion pour le ski et sa station bien évidemment, mais aussi une solide amitié tissée au fil des entraînements et des sites de compétitions partagés depuis leur plus jeune âge. Polyvalent au départ, Léo a toutefois une préférence et le gabarit « ad hoc » pour les spécialités géant et vitesse. Après un parcours sans faute via le Comité de Savoie puis en Équipe de France depuis 2020, au sein du groupe Relève, Léo intègre la Fédération en 2021 puis le groupe Coupe d'Europe Vitesse (groupe B) pour la saison 2022-23.

Palmarès de Léo Ducros


7 podium en FIS dont 2 victoires
Vice-champion de France géant parallèle
Vice-champion de France géant - U21
Champion de France superG - U21
Vice-champion de France super combiné
Champion de France super combiné - U21
Champion de France descente - U21
4e aux championnats du monde junior à Panorama en descente.


Champion de France U21 en descente


Médaille d’or par équipe au Festival Olympique de la Jeunesse Européenne ( FOJE)

Morgan Guipponi, athlète La Plagne
Portrait Morgan Guipponi, athlète La Plagne

Morgan Guipponi Barfety, the enthusiast / Ski freestyle, ski cross

Local athlete Morgan Guipponi Barfety was put on skis for the first time at 13 months and took his first lessons with the ESF aged 3. He then joined the village ski club and trained for several disciplines before deciding to concentrate on downhill skiing and entering regional, national and international competitions. After 4 years on the circuit, he felt ready to start racing in the ski cross. This winter will be his 5th ski cross season and his goal is to qualify for the Beijing Olympic Games in 2022.

Ranking Morgan Guipponi Barfety


French ski cross champion


8th & 9th in the ski-cross European cup


13th in the World Cup in Canada (highest French ranking)

30th in the world ski cross rankings


French ski cross vice-champion

Maxence Muzaton, athlète La Plagne
Portrait Maxence Muzaton, athlète La Plagne

Maxence Muzaton, calm strength / Downhill skiing, racing

A friend of Brice Roger since childhood, the 2 are a formidable duo in the French racing team. Discreet and reserved, “Muzat” is an extremely talented skier, who also shows a certain versatility with his performance in Super Combined. Maxence’s coaches spotted his talent early on and he started his career by winning the title of Junior World Champion in Super G in Chamonix in 2010.

 Palmarès de Maxence Muzaton

2022 11th in downhill at the Beijing Olympics

7th in downhill World Cup - Saalbach - Austria
5th on the streif in Kitzbuhel


French Champion in downhill and combined
3rd in French Super G championships


3rd in Super Combined in Wengen (SWI)
11th in downhill - Kitzbühel (AUS)


2nd in French Super G championships

Marion Chevrier, athlète La Plagne
Athlète Marion Chevrier, athlète La Plagne

Marion Chevrier, the rising star / Downhill skiing, multi-discipline

A skier 100% ‘made in La Plagne’, from the resort’s Club des Sports, Marion is one of French skiing’s young hopefuls, as demonstrated by her bronze medal in the 2019 European Youth Olympics. This winter, Marion’s goal is to compete for the first time in the World Cup technical disciplines.

Ranking Marion Chevrier


French U21 downhill champion


French slalom champion
5th in the Combined in the French championships 
7th in Super G and Giant Slalom in the French championships
9 FIS medals including 2 wins


French U18 Downhill Champion
Bronze medallist at the European Youth Olympics in slalom
9th in the slalom at the French championships
French U21 vice-champion in slalom
4 FIS podiums including 2 winsChampionne de France de descente U18

Axelle Chevrier, athlète La Plagne
Portrait Axelle Chevrier, athlète La Plagne

Axelle Chevrier, the twin rising star / Downhill skiing, multi-discipline

2 for the price of one! Aged just 17, Axelle, Marion’s twin sister, has already done La Plagne proud on several occasions. Top-level skiing really is a family affair for the Chevriers. After a successful winter season 2019 when Axelle competed in the World Cup for the first time at 17, she now intends to continue progressing on the European and world circuits.

Palmarès de Axelle Chevrier


French vice-champion
3rd in the Giant U21 in the French championships


4th in the Giant Slalom in the French championships
7th in the Combined in the French championships
6 FIS medals including 3 wins


Bronze medallist at the European Youth Olympics in the giant slalom
1st World Cup participation in giant slalom
8th in the slalom at the French championships
Selected in the Junior World Championships in all disciplines
5 FIS podiums including 3 wins


Alexis Jay, le fonceur / Ski freestyle, skicross

Originaire de Macot, l’un des principaux villages situés au pied de La Plagne, Alexis entre au Club des Sports de La Plagne à 10 ans. Une très belle opportunité pour cet amoureux de sa station, qui apprécie particulièrement la variété des terrains de jeu entre haute altitude, forêts et alpages. L’un de ses meilleurs souvenirs d’enfance ? La descente à ski depuis le Mont-Saint-Jacques (2 407 m) jusqu’à Macot en vallée, avec le Club des Sports.

Palmarès d'Alexis Jay


2e coupe d’Europe aux Contamines
1 victoire coupe d’Europe a reitheralm en Autriche
1 victoire coupe d’Europe Val Thorens
4e au classement général de la coupe d’Europe


3e coupe d’Europe San Pellegrino 


3e coupe d’Europe Val Thorens

Ollie Davies, athlète La Plagne
Ollie Davies, athlète ski freestyle La Plagne

Ollie Davies, the british "frog" / Ski freestyle, skicross

One of four siblings, Ollie started skiing in Montchavin – Les Coches when he was just 2 years old. The family based in London used to come on holiday to La Plagne twice a year. After falling in love with Montchavin, Ollie’s parents decided to move there for good when Ollie was 8 and then there was no looking back: he, his brother and two sisters are now set to stay in this lovely corner of the Tarentaise with its amazing quality of mountain life. An avid skier, Ollie is a member of the Montchavin – Les Coches Club des Sports. Over time, his desire to specialize in skicross has become clearer and, when he started competing at FIS level, the La Plagne athlete joined the British ski team. It is under the joint colours of the Union Jack and La Plagne’s red woolly hat that he will compete in the Olympic Games in Beijing, in February 2022.

Ranking :


  • 4th place in the World Championships
  • British no.1

  • many top 15 places in the World Cup season 2020/2021

2018 Junior World Champion
Kevin Roland, athlète La Plagne
Portrait Kevin Roland, athlète La Plagne

Kévin Roland, the unshakeable one / Ski freestyle, half pipe

Multiple winner of the X Games and Olympic medallist, this great freestyle skier needs no introduction... Kévin Roland flies rather than skis. He invents new tricks, like the double cork 1260, and works on them in training until he nails them. This has caused some impressive falls, but he always gets back up. Away from competition, he enjoys making freestyle skiing videos, an opportunity for him to offer his many fans stunning images that combine adrenalin, precision and technical prowess. You can see him in Fast Forward I & II and his latest film, “Oh My Ghost”, wild chases across La Plagne where everyone holds their breath!

Ranking Kevin Roland

2022 6th in half pipe at the Beijing Olympics

2nd in the World Half Pipe Championships in Park City (USA) 


11th in the PyeongChang Olympic Games in the Half Pipe


Crystal Globe winner


3rd in the Sochi Olympics (RUS)

Candice David athlète La Plagne
Candice David athlète La Plagne

Candice David, the discreet one / Downhill skiing, multi-discipline

Candice learned to ski alongside her ski instructor dad on the slopes at Montchavin - Les Coches. After several years with the village ski club, she joined the La Plagne Club des Sports aged 16 and started competing on the FIS circuit in the U18 category. She was rapidly invited to join the Comité de Savoie before being selected for the youth/junior federal group in June 2020. As regards her studies, Candice has also come a long way since she was at Montchavin - Les Coches primary school. In September 2019, she started a 3 year “Marketing Techniques” degree course at Annecy. On skis, Candice’s path is  now clearly marked out: European cup circuits then on to the World Cup competitions.

Candice David’s rankings


qualified for the Junior World championships
10 top 5 placings in FIS races, including a win
8 European cup qualifications

Tess Ledeux, athlète La Plagne
Portrait Tess Ledeux, athlète La Plagne

Tess Ledeux, the precocious talent / Freestyle Skiing, slopestyle

If the élite of women’s freestyle skiing are mostly aged over 20, the younger skiers with a thirst for victory are training hard to change that. This is certainly the case for Tess Ledeux who was French slopestyle champion at just 15. Noted for her ease and determination to jump high that surpassed even that of her male counterparts, Tess was rapidly ready for the big league. She shares her desire to win with her cousin, Kévin Rolland.

Palmarès de Tess Ledeux

2022 2nd at Silvaplona World Cup
3rd at the Overall Park&Pipe
7th at the Beijing Olympics in Slopestyle
Olympic vice-champion at the Beijing Olympics in Big Air
1st in Big Air in the X Games of Aspen
1st in Slopestyle in the X Games of Aspen
2nd at the Big Air Ski World Cup in Steamboat

1st in the Big Air French Cup in les Arcs.
2nd in Big Air World Cup in Kreischberg (Austria)
3 gold medals in the slopestyle World Cup
Tess won the small crystal globe in the slopestyle, and the big globe in the overall "Park & Pipe" ranking


1st in Big Air in the X Games of Aspen
1st in big air France Championships in Les Arcs
Gold medal in the first stage of the World Cup


1st in big air World Championships 
1st in the X Games in Oslo in the Big Air 


15th in PyeongChang Olympics in slopestyle
3rd in the X Games in Aspen in the Big Air


2nd Aspen X-Games in slopestyle
2nd Oslo X-Games in slopestyle
1st in slopestyle World Championships in Sierra Nevada (Sp) 

Antoine Adelisse, athlète La Plagne
Portrait Antoine Adelisse, athlète La Plagne

Antoine Adelisse, the creative one / Ski freestyle, slopestyle

Always in search of new places to play, Antoine soon dropped the more traditional disciplines to devote himself to freestyle skiing and develop his own style in the snow parks. In 2014, aged just 16, he qualified for the Sochi Winter Olympics, the first Games to include slopestyle. A serious knee injury kept him off the slopes for winter 2016 but he came back more determined than ever in 2017 and had one of his most successful seasons.

Ranking Antoine Adelisse

2022 3rd at the Big Air Ski World Cup in Steamboat

1st at the Big Air French Cup in les Arcs.
1st in the Big Air World Cup in Les Arcs
2nd at the Big Air in Winter X Games in Aspen
2nd in Big Air World Cup in Kreischberg (Austria)


1st in X-Games in Norway
1st in Big Air in Destne's World Cup
6th in the Momoth Mountain (USA) World Cup
1st in Big Air France Championships in Les Arcs
8th in the world cup of Slope Style in Italy
4th in the X Games in Big Air in the USA


2nd at the Big Air Ski World Cup stage in Atlanta


3rd in the AFP overall slopestyle ranking


5th in the World slopestyle championships in Oslo


Louna Ladevant athlète La Plagne
Louna Ladevant, escalade sur glace à La Plagne

Louna Ladevant, spiderman/ Ice climbing

Louna, like her brother Tristan, is first and foremost a passion for climbing and a state of mind that loves freedom. These are the values of this unique sibling whose life revolves mainly around their passion for climbing. At only 19 years old, Louna already stood out for his intuitive and obsessive climbing skills. In competition, he surprises with his daring choices and originality, never conceding anything to his competitors. It is no longer necessary to prove that in La Plagne, ice is our 5th element.

Louna Ladevant rankings


2022 World Champion of Ice Climbing in Difficulty


2021 European Champion of Ice Climbing in Difficulty


Winner of the senior Ice Climbing World Cup
1st place senior World Cup (Switzerland)
European senior champion
1st place senior World Cup (China)
1st place senior European cup (Switzerland)


Bronze medal in senior World Cup (France)


2-time winner of the overall senior European cup ranking 2018 & 2019


8 gold medals in senior European cup events


Double World Youth Champion 2017 & 2019


Tristan Ladevant, l’autre homme-araignée / Escalade sur glace

Tristan est un grimpeur à la fois souple et puissant, il passe souvent en force mais ça n’en est pas moins efficace. C’est aussi un bon grimpeur  avec les mains et il ne se prive pas de les utiliser pour remplacer ses piolets de temps en temps. 

Palmarès de Tristan Ladevant


Médaille de bronze au championnat du monde d’escalade sur glace 


Médaille de bronze au championnat d’Europe d’escalade sur glace 


4e à la coupe du monde senior de difficulté en Chine 


Vainqueur de la coupe d’Europe de vitesse étape France
Vice champion du monde jeune de vitesse 

2016, 2017, 2018

3 médailles de bronze aux championnats du monde jeunes en difficulté
3e aux championnats du monde jeunes (U22) en vitesse 

Margot Boch athlète bobsleigh
Margot Boch athlète La Plagne
Margot Boch athlète bobsleigh La Plagne
Coupe du Monde de bobsleigh La Plagne

Margot Boch, an inherited talent / 2-woman bob and monobob

Her grandfather was a pusher and French champion with his teammates in 1959, her dad was a pilot: in the Boch family, bobsleigh is as much a passion as a tradition that is handed down from one generation to the next! An ex-competition gymnast, Margot first tried the luge on La Plagne’s bobsleigh track, where she was quickly spotted thanks to her talent and her physical and mental qualities. Aged just 20 years old, Margot has been the pilot for the French team (no less!) since 2018. In November 2019, she won a superb second place in the European cup in monobob

Margot Boch’s rankings

2022 11th in the 2-woman bob at the Beijing Olympics
13th in monobob at the Beijing Olympics
1st place at the European Cup in Innsbruck

3rd in monobob at the European Cup in Winterberg
Duo Margot Boch and Madison Stringer, crowned Junior World Champions in 2-man bobsleigh (category U23), in Saint-Moritz (Switzerland)
5th in the 2-woman bob World Cup in Latvia 
6th in the 2-woman bob European championship event in Germany


6th in the World Cup in monobob at La Plagne


2nd in the European Cup in monobob

Agathe Bessard, athlète La Plagne
Portrait Agathe Bessard, athlète La Plagne

Agathe Bessard, the explosive one / Skeleton

Agathe has grown up on the ice. When she was very young, she was already on a luge on the La Plagne track, then at 14 she went down headfirst on a skeleton. Three years later, she won the bronze medal at the Youth Olympic Games in Lillehammer (NOR), a first for a French woman in the skeleton. Agathe is in the starting blocks. She is training and racing as much as possible to become the 1st French woman to compete in international competitions and win medals.

Ranking Agathe Bessard

2022 EC and Junior European champion in Altenberg


6th in the Junior European championships in Austria
7th in the European championships in Germany 
8th in the Junior World Championships


2nd in European Cup in Germany - vice-european champion junior
4th in European cup in Latvia


European junior vice-champion in Sigulda (LAT)


5th in the Skeleton European Cup overall ranking 


5th in the Skeleton European Cup overall ranking

Romain Heinrich, athlète La Plagne
Portrait Romain Heinrich, athlète La Plagne

Romain Heinrich, the perfectionist / Bobsleigh

Romain only got into top-level sport when he was 19, but rapidly became one of France’s top shot putters. 2011 marked a turning point in his sporting career when he moved into bobsleigh and, encouraged by his skill as a pusher, joined Loïc Costerg’s team taking part in the Sochi Olympics. This wasn’t enough for Romain, however, who decided to move to the front of the bob by becoming a pilot. He has responded to the new challenge with results that meant he was selected as pilot for the 2-man bob event at the Pyeongchang Olympics where he came in 13th with his teammate, Dorian Hauterville.

Ranking Romain Heinrich


12th in the 2-man bobsleigh at the Beijing Olympics
19th in the 4-man bobsleigh at the Beijing Olympics


8th in the 2-man bobsleigh World Cup
11th in the 2-man bobsleigh world ranking
10th in the 4-man bobsleigh world ranking


5th in the 2-man bobsleigh European championship
9th in the 2-man bobsleigh World Cup
9th in the 2-man bobsleigh World Cup event in La Plagne


6th in the 2-man bob world ranking
20th in the 4-man bob world ranking 6ème en bobsleigh à 2 au classement mondial
3rd in the European championships 2019 in the 2-man bob with Dorian Hauterville


13th in the PyeongChang Olympic Games