Church of Saint Nicolas

La Plagne Vallée

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Rue Saint Nicolas Macot
73210 La Plagne Tarentaise
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The parish of Macot is mentioned for the first time in 1096.
The church underwent major repairs in 1475 and 1511. It was even completely rebuilt in 1676 by the same master builders who built the church in Aime (at a cost of 2700 florins for the work and materials).

Like the other churches of this era in the Tarentaise, it is made up of three naves and bays and a choir with a flat chevet. The bell tower was destroyed in 1794 during the Revolution and then rebuilt in keeping with the original architecture: an imperial roof topped by two successive lanterns, each topped by a bulb.

The central painting in the altarpiece depicts the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, with Saint Nicolas, patron saint of the parish and Saint Joseph. The statues of Saint Jacques and Saint François de Sales in the niches in the two side panels may date from the early 19th century.

The central section of the tabernacle (the cabinet that holds the ciborium containing the hosts at Mass) was restored at the start of the 19th century. The two adjoining niches with the small statues of Saints Peter and Paul are baroque in style, as is the crowned glory above them.

The cornice features a statue of Saint Bernard of the Alps and Saint Anthony. Beneath a canopy is a painting depicting two martyrs who are particularly venerated in the Aime area: Sainte Anne and Sainte Agathe.

The two side altarpieces:

The Rosary nave has a central niche surrounded by fifteen medallions depicting the mysteries of the Virgin Mary. On either side are statues of St Dominique and St Thérèse.

In the nave on the left is the Saint Aubin altar. He is depicted on a canvas decorated with five medallions evoking the main events of his life.
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Church of Saint Nicolas

Rue Saint Nicolas Macot
73210 La Plagne Tarentaise