For a safe summer in the mountains


Have the right reflexes

‘Check the weather forecast and set off well equipped... ’ 

‘Choose an activity or route suited to your abilities...’

‘Inform someone of your itinerary and don't go off on your own... ’

Here are just some of the things you can do to enjoy the mountains safely this summer!

For a safe summer in the mountains!

To keep the mountains a pleasure in summer, the Institut national de la consommation (INC), with the support of the Ministry of Sport and the Olympic and Paralympic Games, invites you to watch a prevention message and two educational videos entitled.  

Prevention minute - No. 1

Find out what Grégoire Panoff, CRS mountain rescue officer, has to say about the best way to equip yourself and prepare for a mountain outing



  • Choose your equipment according to your programme and the advice of professionals, make sure it meets the certification standards for the activity in question and visually check for wear and tear. 
  • Get advice from professionals (instructors, high mountain guides, mountain leaders, hire companies, etc.), tourist offices and nature sports federations....
  • Check the weather forecast regularly ( and plan an alternative route or don't hesitate to give up if conditions look unfavourable. Don't forget the right clothing for your chosen activity and the weather, which can change rapidly: protection from the sun (sunglasses, cap, sun cream), wind (windbreaker), cold (jumper, trousers, hat, gloves) and rain.
  • Inform someone of your programme and the likely time of your return, as well as your itinerary. In all cases, avoid going off on your own. Take a mobile phone and the emergency numbers (112) with you. 
  • Take a detailed map of the area and a GPS (or compass and altimeter). Don't rely solely on your mobile phone: the network isn't always available in mountainous areas. 
  • Take something to eat and drink.

Prevention minute - No. 2

Grégoire Panoff, CRS mountain guide, reminds you of the correct behaviour to adopt when going out in the mountains.



  • To enjoy your activity with complete peace of mind and avoid many accidents, prepare yourself physically well in advance (walking, jogging, cycling, etc.).
  • Know how to give up, turn back or shorten your outing if you are tired, if the conditions deteriorate or if a member of the group is no longer able to keep up.
  • Choose an activity and a route suited to your experience and the level of the weakest member of the group.Learn to recognise the signs you'll come across at the practice sites.
  • Take a knife, a whistle and a torch or headlamp, a first-aid kit (compression bandages, bandages, plasters, etc.) and a survival blanket. 
  • Always be easy to locate (mobile phone, RECCO® type reflector if you are going into the high mountains, etc.). Whatever your activity, respect other mountain users and the sites where you are going to use them. 
  • Some activities are regulated (timetables, bans, etc.): find out more beforehand. In the forest, don't smoke or light barbecues and respect the restrictions on access to sites.

This summer you'll love it!

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For a safe summer
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