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Wellness massages  - Un temps pour soi
Un temps pour soi - Massage & Welness - Catherine Sache
Un temps pour soi
442 rue des Perrières
73350 Champagny-en-Vanoise
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Enter the colourful world of semi-permanent nail polish.
I offer a sports massage to deeply relax the muscles of the back and legs (1 hour )

Let go massage, deep physical and mental relaxation, an invitation to an inner journey (1 hour)

Foot reflexology helps to regulate the body as a whole and sets in motion a self-healing process.(1 hour )

Leg massage, ideal for getting back into shape, the aim is to relax the muscles and improve blood circulation so that the legs feel lighter. (1/2 hour )

Specific back massage, both gentle and invigorating, very effective, with a muscle-relaxing and mental-relaxing effect (1/2 hour). I also offer a one-hour massage.

Balinese massage, relaxes the upper back, neck and trapezius muscles, recommended for people who mentalise (1/2 hour).

Let go massages and Tibetan bowls*, from the start of the session the person being massaged enters a state of total relaxation and peace.(1 hour)

Moisturising mask for hands or feet, pair of disposable gloves or disposable slippers

Semi-permanent Shellac varnish

*The beneficial effects of sound bowls:
The sound produced by the sound bowl can trigger reactions in the sensations of the person, the brain or other organs.
All the sounds work on the whole brain to develop weak areas and encourage communication between the two cerebral hemispheres.
It helps to release tensions that are detrimental to the individual's well-being, enabling deep relaxation, an expansion of consciousness, the revelation of certain blockages and/or resources, soothing, serenity and alignment.
Sound vibrations activate self-healing.
Each sound also has properties and vibrations that act differently on the whole body.
The sound produced gives a sensation of delicate massage.
This vibratory treatment acts on all levels, physical, emotional and mental.
The result is an internal massage of all the cells.
It stimulates the body and allows it to re-harmonise.
During the massage accompanied by the sound bowls, brain frequencies slow down.
We go from beta waves to alpha or even theta waves.
Delta waves: 0.5 to 4 Hz, the wave of deep, dreamless sleep Theta waves: 4 to 7 Hz, the wave of deep relaxation Alpha waves: 8 to 13 Hz, the wave of light-hearted relationships and calm wakefulness Beta waves: 14 Hz and more, the wave of everyday activities In theta waves, we feel deep well-being, inner peace, a state conducive to healing...
1h massage: 65€ (except for the "grand lâché prise" massage: 70€)
30min massage: 35€.
All year round, daily.
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Wellness massages - Un temps pour soi

Un temps pour soi - Massage & Welness - Catherine Sache
Un temps pour soi
442 rue des Perrières
73350 Champagny-en-Vanoise

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