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ELPRO outdoor activities
Elpro Ecole de ski et de snowboard Belle Plagne
Centre commercial amont Belle Plagne
73210 La Plagne
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Take off for a tandem flight over the French Alps with our state-certified instructors, leaving from the Roche de Mio, !
You will enjoy the immense privilege of flying over the Tarentaise valley and the fabulous Paradiski area under its coat of white. Further off, you can admire the scenery of the Massif du Mont Blanc, the Pierra Menta and the Vanoise National Park. Everyone can select the perfect flight for them, with two programmes:

Discovery flight
If this is your first paragliding flight, you have come to the right place!
Our instructors, Philippe, Sébastien and Bruno, will take good care of you from take-off to landing! Relax and enjoy the feeling of freedom as you fly like a bird. It is the perfect experience for adults or children who want a smooth flight without any turbulence.
During your flight, share a unique moment with a magnificent view of the whole of the La Plagne ski area, fly over the skiers and touch the clouds for a moment.
Your instructor will let you into the secrets of flying in the mountains and can even let you take the controls for a few minutes after take-off.
ELPRO proposes a first tandem flight that lasts around 15 minutes in very calm conditions, leaving either from the Roche de Mio at 2700 metres down to Belle Plagne, or from the Grande Rochette 2500 metres above sea level down to Plagne Centre.
It is the perfect flight for anyone who wants to discover or re-discover paragliding without any stress.

Mountain flight
A really thrilling flight with breathtaking panoramic views!
During this 30 to 40 minute flight, our team, Philippe, Sébastien and Bruno, who are all state-qualified paragliding instructors, will take you higher up to explore the skies over one of the world's largest ski areas.
Breathe in deeply as you fly over La Plagne under its white coat with views of the most impressive mountain peaks in the Savoie region, including the most famous one: Mont Blanc
This aerial adventure offers a longer flight for anyone who enjoys paragliding and wants to have more time to admire the beauty of La Plagne from above.
You take off from the Roche de Mio for a fabulous and surprising adventure and can take the controls for a few minutes, as soon as your feet leave the ground!
Depending on the snow and air conditions, the instructor can follow two different itineraries, according to the wind!
You either fly over the ski runs, the cliffs and Saint Jacques, or you look down on the ski area as you fly over forests and the valley.
If you enjoy thrilling sensations, the instructor can take you through some surprising aerial acrobatics during the flight!
From 14/12/2024 to 26/04/2025, daily.
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Bank/credit card
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Minimum age
5 yrs
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Paragliding - Elpro

ELPRO outdoor activities
Elpro Ecole de ski et de snowboard Belle Plagne
Centre commercial amont Belle Plagne
73210 La Plagne

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