White Water Swimming: Hydrospeeding on the Isère

Hydrospeed - Rêve d'eau Rafting - vallée de la plagne
Rêve d'Eau Rafting
Parking Base de Loisirs des Versants d'Aime
Le Gothard
73210 La Plagne Tarentaise
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Hydrospeeding or white-water swimming puts you in the middle of the river with its waves and rollers and all its competing currents.
To practice this sport in good conditions, we equip ourselves with thick, reinforced neoprene suits plus gloves and socks for optimal comfort. On top of that, we have flippers, a lifejacket, a helmet and, of course, our polystyrene float.

In a team of up to six swimmers, you will go on an adventure on the River Isère, on a course adapted to your level of competence and the conditions of the water. You will be accompanied throughout the trip by a qualified guide who will show you navigation techniques, tell you about trajectories and surfing and how to remain safe on the river.

Hydro Discovery course
On the Bourg-Saint-Maurice to Gothard course, you have 9 kilometres of classified river II (III) to learn the basics of moving through white water, tickling the first waves with your flippers, making your first stops ... trying some surfing!! Discover the Eskimo roll and a lot of other little tricks to practice in good conditions until you can do them by yourself.

Gorge course
This is the Gorge of Centron course. We start straight after Aime rapids and set off along 8 kilometres of varied river. Ideal as a starting point, this descent gradually increases in power, with an easy part to learn and get used to the different manoeuvres followed by the first rapids and the first big waves! This is a sporting course that requires a modicum of physical fitness.

Aime Rapids course
You've already practised swimming in white water ... and you love it, especially when it's moving! So do we! So, set off from Gotthard for two and a quarter hours of joy. This course is the thrill-filled version of hydrospeed, and you'll come out of it all squeaky clean, haha!
Hydro Discovery Trail (from age 12): €50/person.
Gorges course: 55€/pers.
Sensation course: 65€/pers.
Combined Hydro Discovery + rafting sensation: contact us

Discovery Pack: Evolution Rafting Course + Hydro Discovery Course: 80€/pers.
Sensation Pack: Raft Sensation Course + Gorges Hydro Course: 95€/pers.
From 01/05 to 30/09, daily.

On demand.
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White Water Swimming: Hydrospeeding on the Isère

Rêve d'Eau Rafting
Parking Base de Loisirs des Versants d'Aime
Le Gothard
73210 La Plagne Tarentaise

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