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Handiski La Plagne

A La Plagne, nous avons à cœur de diffuser l’information la plus précise et fiable possible en ce qui concernant l’accessibilité de notre destination : accès, stationnement, logement, activités, commerces et services, restaurants et bar… 
Derrière la notion d’accessibilité se trouvent plusieurs choses. L’accessibilité aux personnes handicapées : handicap moteur, sensoriel (visuel ou auditif), mentaux… Mais aussi le confort d’usage pour les personnes âgées, les familles avec poussette, etc. 
La majeure partie des informations dont nous disposons concernent le handicap moteur (et par extension le confort d’usage), et nous travaillons actuellement à recenser les informations du territoire pour mieux les diffuser. Ces informations seront donc complétées et affinées au fur et à mesure.


Gare d-Aime-la-Plagne
Voyage en train à La Plagne


La Plagne is served by 3 train stations. Once you arrive at the station, buses and taxis will take you to your final destination.

A free escort service for people with reduced mobility or for the deaf and hard of hearing is offered by the SNCF. You are strongly advised to book this service no later than 24 hours before departure. 
Information and reservations here.
▶ For information on the bus service, click here. For taxis, we advise you to contact them directly. 
▶ Finally, find out how to get there by car here. For traffic conditions, click here.

Navettes Montalbert
Office de Tourisme de Plagne Centre
Office de Tourisme de Plagne Centre


▶ Once you've arrived at your holiday destination, there are plenty of disabled parking spaces available, and if there are none left, you can park for free in any paying space with a GIG or GIC badge.  
Free inter-station shuttles let you get around La Plagne without a car. The Télémétro is a free shuttle service between Plagne Centre and Aime 2000. 

aime 2000

Accommodation for everyone

Everyone loves a holiday in the mountains, something La Plagne never forgets. It all starts with the accommodation: apartments, hotel rooms, chalets… some accommodation has easy access for those with reduced mobility. In some of the sites, it’s the overall architecture that makes it easier to get around, like in Plagne Aime 2000 or Plagne Centre, where the indoor commercial galleries and lifts are a great help.

Everyone on the slopes

The exhilarating sensations of skiing appeal to everyone, without any limits imposed by the senses. With its 425 km of ski runs, Paradiski offers a huge playground that we want the greatest number of people to enjoy. Antenne Handicap has made this their focus, inventing systems that allow disabled skiers to ski upright. That’s what they are passionate about…

Bobsleigh La Plagne
Chiens de traineaux à La Plagne
parapente été
Piscine Champagny
Deep Nature bains et spa La Plagne

Many activities are accessible to people with disabilities in La Plagne. All these activities are listed, and in their descriptions you can find out more about the type of accessibility: motor, visual, hearing or mental disability, etc.

On the programme: skiing, dog sledding, swimming, spa, paragliding...

Zoom in on bobsleigh: the Bob Raft and Speed Luge (lying on your back at 90 km/h) are accessible, both self-guided and self-braking. The Bob Racing (seated position, with a professional pilot, at 110 km/h) is also accessible to paraplegics below the pelvis after medical advice.

Commerces et services à La Plagne

Commerces et services


▶ Find the list of shops and services throughout the destination. Find all the medical services in the destination in this selection.  

▶ Find all accessible public toilets here. 

Office de Tourisme de Plagne Centre

Tourist office

Need information during your stay in La Plagne? Our holiday advisors are here to answer all your questions!

Below you'll find all the information you need about our tourist offices (contact details, opening dates and times, accessibility...): 

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