La Tourbière du Lac Noir (Lac Noir Bog)

Montchavin - Les Coches

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3 Rue des pommiers
73210 Montchavin-les-Coches
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The Lac Noir Bog is 4,000 years old. Notices on the site tell you all about its formation and evolution and describe some of the abundant flora it contains.

* From Les Coches, go to the Orgère car park. The trail starts
in front of the Intersport shop. From the car park, go to the right (SP) to
the houses of Crévaillet. Go up the path (SP) that crosses an old canal to go up through the forest. The trail cuts across a mountain-bike trail (watch out!) and continues on a gentle slope. Cross the meadow and go slightly to the right (SP). After a series of sharp bends, the trail arrives at Lac Noir (SP). Walk along the Lake that looks like a marsh inhabited by mosquitoes, then fork to the left to join a forest road. Take this road to the left as far as the crossroads and go to the right to the chalet du Plein Soleil. The path then takes a left, joins the chairlift and after a short climb, arrives at Plan Bois.

* If you go up to Plan Bois, the trail can then be done downhill (1h to 1h30). In the direction of the cable car, go to the left (SP). Follow the path that goes towards Bijolin station. Then cross to your left to see the Plein Soleil chalet (SP). Go down to the right on a wide track that turns left after about 200 metres. The trail then leaves the forest track (SP) and goes down to the right an quickly arrives at Lac Noir. Walk along the lake to the right and then go down the small road (SP). A pleasant track takes you down into the forest and then back to the left (SP). The track crosses the mountain bike trail (Watch out!). After crossing an old canal, the path joins the houses of Crévaillet. Now follow the little road to the car park (SP), and finally, the path that takes you to the centre of Les Coches.

SP = Signpost
Free access.
All year round.

La Tourbière du Lac Noir (Lac Noir Bog)

3 Rue des pommiers
73210 Montchavin-les-Coches

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