Kundalini Yoga - Nam Sandevi lessons

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Nam Sandevi
Nam Sandevi - Kundalini Yoga
Hôtel Le Carlina
Belle Plagne
73210 La Plagne
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Kundalini Yoga is an ancestral practice, it is the yoga of consciousness.
Kundalini is the energy of consciousness, creativity and joy. When it circulates, you can access your full potential by creating a balance between your body and your mind. It is a powerful practice open to all without any prerequisite level.

Kundalini Yoga can help you to:
- get through periods of stress more serenely
- be more centered, helping you to listen to yourself and others
- control and channel your emotions better
- keep all the functional systems of your body healthy and prevent illness
- recover your vital energy
- develop optimism and joie de vivre
- develop your capacity to give love and your ability to receive it

It is a powerful holistic technology which works on the different planes of the being through a series of exercises called "kriyas" using breath, rhythm, dynamic or static postures and sound in the form of mantras, relaxation and meditation.
Cours 25€.
From 14/12/2022 to 15/04/2023 except on January 1st and December 25th.
Closed Saturday and Sunday.

From 12/07 to 26/08/2023.
Closed on Saturday.

On demand.
Accepted payment methods
Bank/credit card
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Kundalini Yoga - Nam Sandevi lessons

Nam Sandevi - Kundalini Yoga
Hôtel Le Carlina
Belle Plagne
73210 La Plagne