Musi'Plagne - Fanfare cocktail de zik

Montchavin - Les Coches

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Cocktail de Zik
73210 Montchavin-les-Coches
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A tasty cocktail of music in all styles, served in strolling mode.
Take a dose of trumpet, a bit of trombone, a lick of sax, mix with a chouilla of helicon, sprinkle with guitar then shake it all heartily with some percussion, and
and you've got a delicious street band!
Free of charge.
Wednesday 14 August 2024 at 6.30 pm.
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Musi'Plagne - Fanfare cocktail de zik

73210 Montchavin-les-Coches

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From 12 to 14 July 2024
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