Randonnée en famille à La Plagne
Randonnée forêt en famille à La Plagne

Have you heard of orienteering ?

It’s a great outdoor sport and an intoxicating way to discover your environment. Armed with a map, set off on an adventure on your own or as a team, looking for the markers that are disposed all round La Plagne. At the bend of a footpath, in the heart of the forest or close to a historical monument, find the markers to complete the course. One thing is certain: you will be surprised at the number of kilometres you cover in a session!

Panorama estival Grande Plagne

12 parcours

This completely free activity consists of 12 itineraries, all with different levels of difficulty and points of interest. The colours will guide you just like they do on the ski runs in winter: green, blue, red and black. So, whether you are in easy discovery mode, hiking or sporting, you can have fun. Go to info points to get your map and get started!


Dans un esprit voisin vous pourriez aussi apprécier les variantes d'escape games, en extérieur ou en salle, qui s'offrent à vous pour profiter de nos montagne avec une bonne dose de mystère et d'aventure.