Hiking trail: Bief Bovet

Plagne Montalbert

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Bief bovet été
Parking de Montalbert 1600 Montalbert 1600
73210 Plagne-Montalbert
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The trail follows an irrigation canal built in the 13th century, winding along an easy, shady path. It is a breath of fresh air when the temperatures rise in the valley.
This is a unique spot in Savoie: a small man-made stream carved out nearly 800 years ago and which was used to irrigate the fields, to water the cattle and to keep the mills turning.

Human ingenuity that is both useful and beautiful!
As you follow the irrigation canal, you'll be walking in the shade of a lovely forest of conifers and deciduous trees.

There are also some 80 information boards along the way that retrace the history of the canal in a calm, tranquil setting, with the water flowing peacefully by.

It is a lovely cool spot where you can admire the landscape of the valley of Aime and the peaks of the Beaufortain, offering a real (re)connection with nature.
0/ La Maignonne car park in Montalbert 1600. Cross the road and take the tarmac track that climbs to the right to join the Bief Bovet trail on your left. A grassy track takes you to the start of the trail 100 m further on on your right.
1/ Leave the track to take the path that climbs to your right. The trail through the forest climbs gently alongside the stream.
2/ At the junction with the Route des Mairiers, continue on the path opposite which climbs more steeply.
3/ At the junction before you come to the hamlet of Les Adrets, take the path opposite that runs alongside the stream. The trail joins the Alpine chalets near Les Adrets chairlift. Take the same route back.
Niveau difficulté
Level bue - Medium
For beginners / novice
Free of charge
From 01/05 to 15/11.
Minimum age
4 yrs
Animals accepted
Elevation gain
180 m
180 m
Type of itinerary

Hiking trail: Bief Bovet

Parking de Montalbert 1600 Montalbert 1600
73210 Plagne-Montalbert

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