5 ideas for holiday souvenirs to take home with you from La Plagne

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Are you one of those people who love to think of THE perfect gift to bring back for your dad, cousin, nephew or best friend from your holiday? Your “language of love” doubtless expresses itself through thoughtful acts! 
According to Gary Chapman, the best-selling American author of “The Five Languages of Love” (over 5 million copies sold in English and translated into 38 languages!), we express our affection in five different ways: through compliments, quality time, acts of service, physical touch and through gifts – or thoughtful acts. 
Since this is evidently the case for you, here are 5 ideas for gifts to bring back from your holiday in La Plagne that will really be appreciated by the people you love! 


Ruches de Roger mountain honey 

Around the Superga chapel, Roger’s beehives actually belong to… (wait for it…) Franck and Juliette! If you are concerned about any confusion when you buy your 250 g or 500 g jar of honey, just ask for “the honey from Longefoy”: the shopkeeper will understand. 
Who will appreciate this gift? Your granny, who will prefer ”honey with yoghurt” to “yoghurt with honey”… 
Available from l’Autrefoy grocery store in Longefoy village. Open year round. 

If, like a bee that goes from flower to flower collecting nectar, you like a variety of flavours, you can also try: 
Hugo Pellicier’s “all flower” honey. Hugo is a young beekeeper who won a gold medal at the 2024 Salon de l’Agriculture. His beehives are in the village of Granier. 
→ Available from the Flacons & Flocons shop in Aime. Open year round. 
Pierre Le Moullec’s honey. Pierre is based in Prariond, on the road up to La Plagne and he harvests his honey in the spring in La Combe de Savoie. 
→ Available from the Coopérative Laitière (dairy) in Aime. Open year round. 


Soap made with mare’s milk (very pampered mares!)  

Carole Chenal adooores animals (we could have added even more “o”s). In her unusual farm, the horses, cows, goats, sheep and chickens (as well as other beasts with or without horns) enjoy a tranquil life being petted by their “mum” and visitors to the farm. 
Carole uses the milk from her mares (what is left over after the foals have drunk their fill…) to make soaps and solid shampoos that are 100% natural. Offering one of her bars of soap is like offering a bar of love! 
Who will appreciate this gift? Your sister-in-law who refuses to have any plastic bottles in her bathroom (or anywhere else) and who only uses products that are “homemade with love” for the daily ablutions of her whole tribe. 
→ Available directly from the Écuries de Granier farm on Saturdays, 3 – 6pm. Make the most of the opportunity to visit the farm with your family, your little ones will just love the cute baby animals!




La Chaudronette at Le Forperet 

La Chaudronette…what’s that then? A delicious mountain cheese whose recipe is a jealously guarded secret for Roland, the owner of Le Forperet, a former sheepfold that is now a restaurant that he has been presiding over for several decades. You can try the cheese in the restaurant as a fondue or buy some to take away as a tasty holiday souvenir. 
Who will appreciate this gift? Your dad, who is very proud of his aperitif platters with unknown cheeses that come from ”the little dairy that not many people know about, but I have my contacts, go on, try it, you can tell me what you think”. 
→ Available from Le Forperet (restaurant and mini-farm). Open in winter & summer. 


A La Plagne bag

Pretty, practical and affordable: here's a holiday souvenir that ticks a lot of boxes! And there's no risk of it collecting dust in the home of the person you've decided to give it to: after all, you can never have too many bags! For the little errands, for the big ones, to carry your lunch, your sports equipment...

To please whom? Your sister, who hosts meetings in high heels at La Défense (but prefers the comfort of her trainers to wander the streets of the capital when she's done for the day). The size seems just right for carrying your pumps morning and night...

→ Where to find them? Online at the official La Plagne shop, or at one of the tourist office reception desks. 

Size: 23x26 cm.


Sac La Plagne


A bobble hat, of course! 

It’s such an obvious choice that we almost didn’t include it in our list of gift ideas to bring back from your holiday in La Plagne… But we’re not talking about any old bobble hat here, we’re talking about a Cabaïa beanie (red, it goes without saying) that comes with three pompoms (red, black and multi-coloured) to change according to your fancy! 
Who will appreciate this gift? Your best friend, who started to knit a beanie in November 2018, inspired by the DIY trend (but who has trouble counting her stitches AND watching her favourite series on Netflix at the same time, with the result that her project never really got going and she catches one cold after another, AAATCHOOOO!). 
→ Available from La Plagne’s official on line boutique, or in our tourist offices. Pssst: for any friends who are more likely to get sunburnt than catch a cold, take a look at our La Plagne caps instead ;) 

Voilà! 5 ideas for holiday souvenirs to take home with you from La Plagne for the people you love (or for yourself! #selflove). 


bonnet pompon


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