5 situations that make us say: “Isn’t this nice!”

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What do sunflowers, mosquitos and we humans have in common? We are all irresistibly drawn to the light, of course! Just like the flower with the flamboyant corolla immortalised by Van Gogh, or the insect drawn to the spotlight, we cannot resist the brilliance of the sun.
Il just so happens that, in La Plagne, as far as luminosity is concerned, we know a thing or two, so here are 5 brilliant ideas to give you even more opportunities to say, “Isn’t this nice”.

Putting your sunglasses on at breakfast

If you thought that sunnies + (stylish) PJs was only for Hollywood stars, you can think again: all you have to do is book accommodation with an east- or south-facing balcony for your holiday in La Plagne!
Isn’t this nice? Enjoying the first coffee of the day snuggled in a blanket with your face lit by the first rays of sunlight? A story is needed to immortalise the moment but we have the perfect soundtrack: Good Morning by Kanye West (overused maybe, but it’s too early to be original).




Calcium and vitamin D: treat yourself to a healthy lunch break

Admit it – you would rather stock up on calcium by eating a tasty piece of Beaufort cheese than a sugar-free yoghurt… Raclette, fondue or a sandwich made with Tomme de Savoie: that’s how we recharge our stock of the precious mineral!
Are you one of those people who tend to follow nutrition guidelines according to instinct rather than to the letter? Come and find us on a terrace at lunchtime! Whether it is in the resort centre or on the slopes, our only criterion is that it must be in the sun (to avoid any risk of vitamin D deficiency, of course…).
It’s true that this essential condition does not help the indecisive amongst us to make a choice, since there are so many sunny places in La Plagne… Fortunately, you have a whole week of holidays to test them all ;) including the picnic areas (look for the “La Pause” logo on the piste map). Isn’t this nice? Get your sunhat on!



Give in to your urge to fly like Icarus to the sun, quite safely

Fulfil your dream of getting closer to the sun during your holiday in La Plagne thanks to the Live 3000 high altitude experience: a 10 minute ride on the gondola that takes you to the highest point of the ski area, 3,080 m above sea level.
All the way up there, a magical decor and a breathtaking view of the Vanoise glaciers awaits skiers and non-skiers. You can even enjoy a little sweet or savoury treat on the fabulous terrace of Le Sixième Ciel snack bar (for anyone who is concerned that the rumbling of their stomach might be echoing all the way down to the valley). Isn’t this nice?
Unlike Icarus, who really didn’t listen carefully to his father’s wise words on sun protection, remember to put another layer of sun block on at regular intervals…


Live 3000


Enjoy a sauna at 2,500m altitude during the Subli’Cimes springtime event 

Isn’t this nice? In your swimming costume and beanie, sipping a smoothie while you admire the snowy mountains, just to rehydrate between a session in the sauna and a session in the jacuzzi.
If this introduction seems a little strange to you, you obviously don’t know about Subli’Cimes, La Plagne’s annual April event. For a week, five of the resort’s emblematic peaks offer entertainment on a wacky and completely unexpected theme, with a wellness area, giant wooden games and even a freefall tower… Don’t miss it!




Get a tan on our public transport

Not just any public transport, but the nicest way to travel… on our ski lifts! Tuck your poles under your legs, push your goggles up on your helmet to avoid tan marks (great for showing off when you get home, but hard to get rid of…), put your head up and close your eyes. Isn’t this nice? You’re on holiday. You’re in La Plagne. And nothing can spoil this perfect day.
Did you know? There are 73 chairlifts in the La Plagne ski area (123 in total in the linked Paradiski area of La Plagne, Les Arcs and Peisey-Vallandry). So you can work on that golden tan from every angle all day long on the ski slopes and on the lifts (not forgetting the sun cream, unless you prefer the “well-cooked lobster” look for your holiday in the mountains!).




Have a great holiday in La Plagne!  🌞

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