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ski débutants

Do you remember the last time you learned something new? And we’re not talking about the latest piece of juicy gossip you heard by the coffee machine! Learned to do something.

When you are a child, the question doesn’t even arise: you still have everything to learn your whole life long. At school, when you play football, at your music lessons or in the kitchen…

Then you grow up and, suddenly, learning becomes secondary. It’s as if, once you are an adult, you are meant to know how to do everything (except make a bechamel sauce, maybe, but even then we prefer to take a sneaky look at Google rather than take a cookery course…).

However, we all have hidden talents that are worth cultivating under the watchful eye of experts who love what they do.

So let’s take a fresh look at what being a beginner means: they are no longer people who “don’t know how”, (oh the shame!), but people who inspire us on a daily basis.

Being a beginner means being motivated... and motivating!

The desire to learn a new activity like skiing or snowboarding, does not come out of thin air. Stories of friends on a ski holiday, a TikTok challenge that we really want to emulate, an inspiring article about ski touring, hours spent watching the winter Olympics as a child…

However, it's not always easy to make the leap from "that sounds really cool" to "why don't I give it a go"! The (real or supposed) expertise of others can be intimidating.

That is where the uninhibited beginners come in. Those people who take the plunge without fearing the judgement of others, just because they can!

If you don’t have the person in your group of friends who is always up for anything and who drags you along on their wild adventures, why not be that person ! It couldn’t be easier: instead of putting your phone down after watching videos of fun or inspiring skiing, do a little research. “Ski lessons for adults”, “the best skis for beginners”, “beginner slopes in La Plagne”, “cheap ski pass for beginners”, etc.

Then let all your friends know about your big plans: learning to ski this winter (or, even better, in the springtime when the snow is softer if you fall on your backside!).
We are quite sure that you will get one, two or three other outdoor enthusiasts, who were just waiting for your GO to get started as well, to come along with you.

ski débutants

Learning means believing in yourself

It’s a fact: adults are more hesitant than children when it comes to trying a new activity. This is frequently because they don’t know about lessons for adults.

If you are not sure about booking a ski or snowboard lesson, you should know that our instructors really enjoy sharing their passion with beginners (no, they are not going to “get bored with you”). Their reward is seeing you smile as you see the progress you are making day after day.

A ski instructor will never take you on a difficult slope just because you are an adult. You will start on the flat, then on a gentle slope. You will learn how to take a ski lift. Your first hesitant turns will be in a snow plough and at a snail’s pace, on easy slopes in our Cool Ski secure areas, accessible at a mini price. And no-one will have any clever remarks to make because you will be surrounded by other beginner skiers and snowboarders (with whom you'll soon be sharing a lot of laughs). Hang on, the next stage is complicated: beginning does not mean that you don’t know how to do it, it means that you will soon know how to do it ;) So trust yourself, you will soon know how!

ski débutants


Learning means making your dreams come true

Instagram is full of truly inspiring stories about nature, the mountains, adventure, skiing and snowboarding… When we are 'liking' a multitude of sunrises over a splendid sea of clouds, or nights in refuges under starry skies, we almost forget that these places and people exist 'for real'. And that it's up to us to turn these dream landscapes and experiences into reality.

The good news is that the road to your ultimate goal is just as exhilarating as reaching it! Does your heart race every time you see images of hikers alone in the midst of snow-capped peaks? Do you wear out the 'replay' button on videos of perfectly carved turns? Just remember that all these people were beginners once. You will never be as close to your goal as the day you dare to set off down that first safe green run on your skis.

So dream big! Take the piste map, find the peaks you can get to without skis (to start with) and identify your future playground. Then warm up your legs on the green runs designed for beginners.    

ski débutants


Learning means opening up a whole field of possibilities

One day you learned to walk. Then you wanted to run (as a clever negotiator, you even begged your parents for shoes "that go fast").

Learning to ski or snowboard is the same thing. You may start out with small goals (skiing down a green run without falling over, taking it easy on the xx blue runs in the Paradiski ski area, etc.). Then you'll really get into it, motivated by the encouragement you get from your ski or snowboard instructor…
So, now that you know how to get down green and blue runs, why not try the Funslope fun run (which isn't just for kids!) or the snowpark?

Freestyle, freeride, ski touring... a whole world of opportunities awaits you! Year after year, you will unlock new levels, with the same tenacity you showed as a child to earn XP when playing video games ;)

So have we convinced you? Are you now part of the community of inspiring beginners? Congratulations! You have earned the right to be told a secret that is well-known among experienced skiers and snowboarders: aches and pains go away more quickly when you take a break to recover at the Deep Nature Bains & Spa after a session on the slopes... But don’t tell everyone!

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