5 children’s grumbles you can turn to your advantage this spring

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Subli'cimes 2024

Are the mild temperatures and the pleasure of the days getting longer not enough to calm the over-frequent expressions of ingratitude of your offspring?... La Plagne to the rescue!

From 6 to 11 April 2024, turn five of your kids’ most frequently voiced grumbles to your advantage thanks to our spring event, Subli’Cimes: a week of entertainment that children of all ages will enjoy as much as you, pros of the ski+terrace method, do.



1.    No more “Mu-u-u-m, stop! You’re embarrassing me!”

Matt, 12, aka “MattOllie” on TikTok, is trying to break through on social media. Unfortunately, your habit of pulling his beanie down over his ears when he rolls it above them, on the pretext that "you'll catch a cold my darling", is seriously damaging his street cred.

This spring, you can get back into his good books! Offer him an opportunity to shine in front of his “community” of 350 followers by filming his exploits on the freefall tower at the top of Le Fornelet from 6 to 11 April 2024 during our springtime Subli’Cimes event.

Try not to scream when he launches himself (quite safely) from a height of 2 metres, then 6 metres, then 8 metres. Unless you want to hear the eternal complaint: “Mu-u-u-m! You’re embarrassing me!!!”.


2.    What do you mean “I can’t, I’m off to the pool”?

Your little Léa, age 5, would seem to have spent too much time with Cool Aunt (who is doing her best to teach her the art of always having an answer, despite your instructions)? Where else did she learn the expression, “I can’t, I’m off to the pool”, uttered quite innocently when you suggested a session of sledging?

Stay calm, it’s actually not Cool Aunt’s fault this time: Léa really is off to the pool…the ball pool. At the top of Plan Bois. But there’s no rush: she also has horse riding (on a giant rocking horse).

You can even go light-footed – you don’t need skis and boots to get to the Parc des Merveilles (Park of Wonders) installed there from 6 to 11 April, 2024 during Subli’Cimes! Take Lac Noir gondola and you’re all set for an hour of outdoor fun: bouncy structures, XXL traditional wooden games, the famous giant ball pool and a candy bar.

en-mag-sublicimes-plan-bois (2)


3.    Really?…”Lucas’s dad would have said yes?”

Lucas’s dad is a dentist, so the chances that he would say “yes” to sweets, especially just before lunch, are pretty slim.

On the other hand, you really are a bit peckish… so don’t miss this opportunity to show your kids how relaxed you are about potential fillings!

Guide your hungry gang to Bertie Crochue’s stock of surprise candy at the top of La Rossa from 6 to 11 April, 2024 during Subli’Cimes and enjoy your haul with all the family, hidden away in a snow grotto that has been sculptured and decorated throughout in the colours of a certain famous wizard with a lightning bolt on his forehead.

There is always time for a detox smoothie or a herbal tea at the top of the Grande Rochette during the afternoon… along with all the other guilty parents you met in your secret candy hideout a few hours earlier!


4.    Turn a deaf ear to “Jade’s pulling my ha-a-a-a-ir!!”

Here is our top-secret tip for preventing fights between brothers and sisters: hand them over to a ski instructor all morning (they are so well behaved… with other people!). In the meantime, you can head to the wellness area we have installed at the top of the Grande Rochette during the first week of the spring school holidays, 6 to 11 April, 2024.

Jacuzzis, saunas and smoothies (you will have to pedal to earn them though, you’ll understand once you get there), a relaxing CBD drink, a contemplative swing, massages and yoga... After all, why should the kids be the only ones having fun during the holidays?


5.    “Don’t get angry, but… 

When Jade asks you not to get angry, it usually means that there is a good reason to be angry. After all, the last time she asked you not to scold her, you found out that she had given all her Barbie dolls a haircut…

Miss Destructor will be thrilled up at Live 3000 when she gets to smash a block of ice to try and reach the goodies caught in the frozen water.

Once she has accomplished her “snow piñata” mission, we will be counting on you to keep a close eye on her when she visits the outdoor museum we have set up just next door (even if the breathtaking view of the Vanoise glaciers distracts you).


During the Subli’Cimes springtime event, you can also enjoy: a climbing tower, DJ sets and a drone course…

It’s the perfect event for little legs that are tired from skiing, or to occupy your little ones who have not yet found their ski legs, or to fill your photo gallery with the exploits and antics of your happy kids.

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