Our top 5 favourite runs

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Nos pistes préférées à La Plagne

Our ranking is not in any way based on scientific fact and we are quite ok with that! It is simply based on our love of snow and skiing and La Plagne’s amazing ski area: 4 orientations, high altitude slopes and runs through the forest, 135 pistes in total including ungroomed but secured Natur’ runs, 11 fun zones (like the Funslope or our new Riders Nation snow park), 73 ski lifts, 1 Yuge app, and, above all else, an infinity of breathtaking panoramas… Are you ready? Off we go! 

Our top five 

Nos pistes préférées à La Plagne ang5


Blue run in the Montchavin – Les Coches sector

Accessible from Montchavin – Les Coches (Dos Rond chairlift or Plan Leschaux draglift) or from Plagne Bellecôte (Arpette chairlift then Replat rope), this is an extra long and extra wide run, making it the perfect run for carving.

✨ Its key assets

  • you have probably guessed: the views of Mont Blanc of course!
  • it runs alongside the new Riders Nation snow park.
  • it is quite easy without being boring, thanks to its being so wide with a varied profile from one end to the other.
  • if you come from Plagne Bellecôte, it is the perfect way in to the Montchavin - Les Coches sector, running through the forest to the two villages!

✨ Our tip

The section through the woods is perfect for snowy days, guaranteeing better visibility.

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Blue run in the Champagny-en-Vanoise sector

We really like this one because, apart from anything else, it takes you directly to the top of Mont de la Guerre Natur’ red run, one of La Plagne’s longest red runs that takes you all the way down to the limit of the ski area in Champagny-en-Vanoise (coming back up on the gondola). But if you are just enjoying a “warm-up” session, Bozelet takes you down to the bottom of Verdons Sud chairlift which rapidly takes you back up to your starting point.

✨ Its key assets

  • undeniably: its panoramic views of the Vanoise glaciers!
  • an ultra-rapid access: just a few minutes up from Plagne Centre on Lovatière chairlift.
  • its south-facing orientation makes it a choice run on colder days, with the sun warming the snow up from early in the day.
  • you can ski across from here to Borseliers chairlift: a change of itinerary that can take you up to the Roche de Mio then the high altitude area.

✨ Our tip

There are many inviting altitude restaurants along the way where you can stop to eat. We recommend the “Balcon du Bozelet” (at the start of the run, on your right) which is discreet and less well-known. More of a snack-bar than a restaurant, it is the perfect spot to settle on a deckchair and share a coffee or a drink with, undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful views of the Tarentaise…

Nos pistes préférées à La Plagne ang3


Black run on the glacier

This one is clearly aimed at those who want a challenge, daring skiers who enjoy getting the better of real moguls! After taking Bellecôte gondola up to the glacier, you take La Traversée chairlift to get to it.

✨ Its key assets

  • getting right up to the top of the mountain: you can imagine the view from the glacier, more than 3 000 m above sea level…
  • one of the resort’s most technical runs, certainly not for beginners.
  • you can continue on down from Bellecôte on the Dérochoir run, another hard run! The two together make for an XXL black run right down to Les Bauches.

✨ Our tip

If you go down the Dérochoir, you end up at the Chalet du Friolin. Along with Le Sauget, these are two places where you can stay the night on the slopes! 

Nos pistes préférées à La Plagne  ang 2


Black run on the Montalbert sector

From Plagne Centre, you hop on to Bécoin chairlift waving to the glass building on your left, which is the base for the teams that organise the races on the slalom field you are passing over. At the top, go left to take Les Crêtes draglift and Les Etroits Natur’ run takes you towards the Mont Jovet sector.

✨ Its key assets

  • at the bottom, you come to Envers and Adrets chairlifts. The latter takes you to Le Fornelet (1 970 m) and La Pause picnic area.
  • because it is on the edge of the ski area, Les Etroits offers a revitalising natural environment.
  • its northwest orientation protects the snow from the sun, especially in the spring.
  • if you want to start over, why not try one of the other runs in the same sector (also Natur’ ungroomed black runs): Morbleu, Coqs or Palsembleu?

✨ Our tip

If you have taken Bécoin chairlift with your loved one or your whole tribe, make sure you pose at the top when you go past the camera. You can then download the photo on the terminal at the top of the lift using the Yuge app


Nos pistes préférées à La Plagne ang1


Red run in the altitude sector

This is the run that everyone enjoys with its varying profile that is wide and easy in parts then narrower and steeper. You can alternate schussing with wide then shorter turns as you come down to Belle Plagne. There are three options for getting there: Carella or Inversens chairlifts, or the Roche de Mio gondola.

✨ Its key assets

  • as it starts at an altitude of 2 700 m, the snow is generally of a good quality, even in the spring.
  • with its discreet starting point, not that many people go down it, so you can be sure of a quiet run down!
  • its profile makes it fun for both skiers and snowboarders.

✨ Our tip

At the top of Roche de Mio, you will find a range of services: the ski patrollers’ chalet, restaurants, picnic tables, toilets, free Wi-Fi… not forgetting the view! All you need to recharge your batteries before you even set off.

Nos pistes préférées à La Plagne - coolski gb

Lastly, they are not included in this top 5, but the CoolSki pistes are worthy of a mention here: they are particularly aimed at beginners with easy, accessible slopes, their own lift pass and the possibility of asking for a bib to make you easily identifiable for other skiers.

Safe skiing: the golden rules

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