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La Plagne Vallée  en été

Over the summer, the mountain has been of great service to us. It fulfilled our need for wide open spaces, offered us a breath of fresh air when the heatwave was suffocating the cities and welcomed families for long-awaited get-togethers. In short, La Plagne offered many of you a sunny vacation! Now the holidays have come to an end, but is that really a reason to say goodbye?

Our ideas for great autumn hikes…

In autumn, the mountain is adorned with beautiful colours. Deep greens vie with red tones and golden ochres. We really recommend you make the most of it 😉

The Vanoise National Park

A beautiful natural setting, the Vanoise National Park is open year-round. The hiking trails do not close, we assure you! You might even be lucky enough to observe the endemic fauna. It’s a great time to get your binoculars out: there are fewer people around and the animals come down from the heights before the first frosts.

Parc national de la Vanoise à La Plagne

The Versant du Soleil

The eponymous sunny side of the slope which, although it can be a little too hot in summer, is just right in September. On the other side of the valley from the resort, this area of La Plagne is gentler, more “dolce vita”. With its vineyards and apple orchards, it shelters picturesque hamlets and typical Savoyard baroque heritage.

La Plagne Vallée et ses bottes de pailles

In the forest

La Plagne stretches from 650 to 3250 m above sea level. Halfway between the valley and the mountain peaks, there is a beautiful forest. Go for a hike there in the autumn and you will feel boosted for the year. Although the deciduous trees are starting to lose their leaves, the evergreens keep their needles and it is a ravishing spectacle. The scent as well… a combination of pine resin and moss. Then there are the background sounds: chirruping of birds and the sound of the wind in the treetops.

Randonnée dans la forêt à La Plagne

We recommend the following itineraries:

The Superga Chapel in Plagne Montalbert

Hiking route : the pierres blanches lake in La Plagne Montchavin les Coches


La Plagne Valley, the hot spot of the autumn

Whilst up in La Plagne everything is gearing up for the winter season, in the valley there is still time to appreciate the off-season. So how do we do that?

We start by jumping into the water! Go rafting on the Isère river’Isère en rafting. A little white-water descent will set you up for the rest of the day.

Randonnée et bataille d'eau à La Plagne

After that, since you are on holiday, you can have lunch on a restaurant terrace. Whether you prefer homemade quiche and a salad at Maryska’s, Thai ravioli at Rive Gauche on the banks of the Isère or a pizza cooked in the wood-fired stove at Les Ceutrons, you will find what you need to fill (and calm) your stomach.

In the afternoon, discover the local Baroque heritage in the hamlets perched on the mountainsides or take the cycle/walking path to the Versants d’Aime leisure park (about 3 km). Go for a wander, you will see how lovely it is.

Villages perchés à La Plagne

In the evening, why not see what’s on in Aime’s performance hall. If you have any questions, the La Plagne tourist office in Aime is open year round.



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