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Randonnée avce vue à La Plagne

In these bleak times, it’s easy to lose your enthusiasm… But not in La Plagne! The entertainment and events teams have gone to great lengths to make sure your holiday is as much fun as possible. They racked their brains and came up with ideas for activities to do at home or here from the start of the summer. They are free and adapted to all ages so anyone can join in.

Activities 2.0


1- A photo rally

Strolling round and taking photos are key activities during a summer holiday, don’t you think? Anyway, it inspired us. In each of La Plagne’s villages, a photo-rally circuit has been created to find out more about your particular area of the mountain. Using these accessible circuits, you are sure to have some fabulous souvenir photos to take home. They take you to the unmissable viewpoints as well as more hidden-away spots, like a summer off-piste itinerary…

Panorama La Plagne en été


2- The cherry on the cake : le Big Game

We not going to tell you too much about this so we don’t spoil the surprise, but here’s what you need to know: La Plagne has created a king-size 4-day treasure hunt. Count 30 minutes to 1½ hr per day, Monday to Friday, to solve the riddle. Logic, quick thinking and a spirit of adventure will be required!

Big Game La Plagne


3- Our chefs’ recipesEn cuisine avec nos chefs

We know you’re wondering…when are we going to get a special holiday recipe? Well actually, the chefs in La Plagne are determined to offer you a treat, albeit at a distance. Main courses, snacks, desserts… there will be some melted cheese, of course, but that’s not all. Yes indeed, we have to admit that we mountain folk do occasionally eat something other than Beaufort cheese (don’t be too shocked!). The advantage with this is that you can take home a souvenir of La Plagne to share any time you want!


En cuisine avec nos chefs


Videos "Our chefs’ recipes"

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